Google Ranking News - My website page is on Google page 1

Last Update: April 02, 2017

I checked today on Google, and noticed one of my website pages, live for 3 weeks, moved up the ranking!! From page 6 three days ago to page 1!!

Ranked 6th on Page 1 of about 627 000 search results!!

No sales yet, BUT this is not important now!!

To be on google page 1 is a huge achievement for me as a newbie in this game!!


Keep going, be consistent, follow the training and just apply what Kyle and the others are teaching us here!!

A BIG thank you to KYLE, Carson and the others here on WA!!

Update: April 2, 2017

After contemplating and losing hope about my favorite page rolling back on google rankings the last few weeks, I did some All in SEO and content changes. Today, I was over the moon to see my page ranked no 3 on the 1st page!!

Actually it is the 1st blog post after the number one, advert, and the number two, video post.

I am over the moon!!

WA is the best!!



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spurway Premium
that is great , keep going
wish you all the best
minitrio Premium
Well done, keep it up :)
drjec Premium
That's great news.
Nariun Premium
Congratulations Jacob,

How did the adsense configuration go?
jacob23 Premium
Hi Jonathan..tanks. Still didn't sort out the adsense issue. I did not try again after the last failed attempt to add the code on my website. The widget coding did not work as it could not be saved on the widget box. I will have to try again. The training discusses adsense codes for ads. I understand that. The problem is to get the 1st code after registration with adsense on my website....error on the 1st attempt. Will check it out later again. Cheers, Jacob
JoseRamon Premium
Congratulations... great achivement !!! :-)