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I noticed last week that my favorite page is rolling back on google rankings. I was losing hope, but a few days ago I decided to add and change some page content and all in SEO settings. Today, I thought it well to check, and to my surprise my page is ranked no 3 (the 1st blog post) on Google page 1. am over the moon!!
My fellow WA’ers.It has been a little over two months since I started my journey here on WA!!Since then, I have been followed by 233 WA supporters, and increasing daily.And YES, I do consider this as success!! Everything we experience here at WA is part of a greater success plan indeed! Support from followers as well!I would like to thank all of you who are following me. I sincerely value your interest. I would like to apologize for not contacting each of you individually to say thank you
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I checked today on Google, and noticed one of my website pages, live for 3 weeks, moved up the ranking!! From page 6 three days ago to page 1!!Ranked 6th on Page 1 of about 627 000 search results!! No sales yet, BUT this is not important now!!To be on google page 1 is a huge achievement for me as a newbie in this game!!Ecstatic!!Keep going, be consistent, follow the training and just apply what Kyle and the others are teaching us here!!A BIG thank you to KYLE, Carson and the others here on WA!
So, I am now in my second month with WA, and I have achieved wonderful milestones already!!I am totally overwhelmed by what I have learned from the training and with all the support on WA!I created my 1st site, published 3 content pages thus far! (NOT enough, I know!)I am nearly done with certification course 2 and here I learned about ALL the amazing stuff that actually makes your website working!I provided comments and feedback on FELLOW members' websites, received valuable feedback and comme
Today, I have learned about yet another fantastic tool that was recommended by one of our WA members. Many thanks to Izzat (IzzatM)I have to share this with those who don't know about this tool, especially the newbies!Here is the tool:Google Mobile Friendly Test open the tool link, copy and paste your website page URL link in the box on the screen, and google will do the rest.This google tool will test your website pages for mobile friendli
So, I have been indexed on Google! Great stuff. I am following Certification Course Level 2. So much new stuff and information to absorb but the learning curve is superb! I am now building content on my webpages. The WA keyword tool is super helpful in getting the right keywords in place. I am also in the process in joining appropriate affiliate programs to add products to my website. I will be sharing my website and ask for comments soon. It is wonderful to see your own website expanding and g
After purchasing my own domain for my first website, and working on the content for only a week, my 1st website has been indexed by Google!! It is worth it to buy your own domain.The next step is to build my content pages to get traffic to my website.Great stuff!!CheersJacob
So, I successfully completed the Online Entrepreneur Certificate, Level 1, and earned my 5th badge and 1st award in completing the Level 1 training.I also upgraded to Premium, but then I realized I had missed out on so much information from Level 1 and I decided to go through the lessons one more time. The wonderful advantage about this training is that you can redo the lessons over and over again at a pace that suits you until you fully understand the concepts taught! So, don't try to move on
January 21, 2017
This is what I have learned so far, a few pointers:1. Kyle, Carson and the Ambassadors are super supportive.2. This is THE BEST platform online helping you succeeding in your online business venture!3. The members on WA are very supportive and encourage you all the way.4. You make new friends every time you log on!5. It is great to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences. 6. You need to go through the startup training step-by-step and do not skip anything.7. Writ
January 19, 2017
I am still in the process of setting up my WA website on Bootcamp and going through the training! A tedious task, as I am between work and WA...but I am sure it will be done soon.In the meantime,I started a WA promotion page on FB. It reached 1,243 people in ONE day, and 36 engaged.Hopefully this will land me some referrals!!Every minor step forward is a huge success in my opinion.Oh, and my ranking here is increasing too.Happy me!Cheers Jacob