Wealthy Affiliate trainings really shock me !

Last Update: February 24, 2017

I did my first blog when going through training, just to try out everything step-by-step as I learn. I published it on 1st Jan then the 2nd Blog on 7 Feb.

Today I visited my site and was shock I have got 23 shares on my 1st blog and 21 shares on my 2nd blog !

I am sincerely surprise and am so happy to find there's so many sharing my blog.

I never expect this to happen LOL and it did happen all because of Wealthy Affiliate training and guidance. It's just so wonderful.

Thanks Wealthy Affiliate.

p.s. some might wonder why I am so happy when this is not even a financial gain yet, the thing is, I burn midnight oil to set up the website and to see visitors sharing my blogs is pure happiness to me :) hehehehe I am a newbie.

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jtaienao Premium
Keep,up the good work a Jacqueline.
PAULttk333 Premium
Hello Jacqueline,
I really think you have doing great achievement here in such a short time. I think more money will come later. No worry and just keep up the present good job.
MKearns Premium
Terrific accomplishment Jackie!
reanna1 Premium
Great job!
kasage00 Premium
well done!
Ivine Premium
Hi Jaclow, wewll done. Keep up the good work. Irv.
Kyle Premium
Shares mean that your content is high quality and engaging, which is a very good thing and says a lot about your writing Jac. Shares ALSO lead to traffic, so it is absolutely a good thing.

Keep up the great work Jac!
Jaclow Premium
Thanks Kyle. Will be buying the domain for this site soon. Now going through with what's the best name to buy.
JennieG Premium
Well done!
Gerlinde Premium
Wow, that's great! It's not all about money, I would be also very happy about that! Well done! :)
Compsol99 Premium
Congratulations Jacqueline!
HarveyBrown Premium
Well done Jacqueline.
DShensky Premium