Ranked Position 1 and 4 on Bing!

Last Update: December 17, 2017

This is great!!

Even though Google is the number ONE search tool on the web, it is still nice to know that you are getting ranked high in Bing and Yahoo.

My post ranked in position 4 for Google after a few minutes (maybe less) of submitting my post to their search engine, I also submitted my post to Bing Webmaster at the same time. Nada!!

A week later I checked Bing and I'm not only ranked in position 1 but also position 4!!

Such a nice feeling!!

Now onto more keyword research with the new Jaaxy platform!!

Best wishes everyone!!

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jtaienao Premium
Congrat’s on getting your post ranked. Keep up the good work.
JackieSmith Premium
Thanks Jerome!!
MKearns Premium
Yes we often forget about these other platforms!
Memorylaneuk Premium
Well done you. Everyone forgets Bing and it is a mistake as it is still 33% of people who use it.
With Grace and Gratitude
JackieSmith Premium
So true Karen. It might be from Bing that I get my referral.

Best wishes to you.
Rabrx Premium
yay! I got page 1 position 1 on Bing as well (I just found out today, too)! I am so glad I didn't neglect Bing at all.

Congrats, I wish you more success in the future :D
JackieSmith Premium
Thanks Rab and congratulations to you too!!

Wishing you continued success with your online journey.
BlSt Premium
Great achievement. Congratulations!!!!!!!
JackieSmith Premium
Thanks Nsoh!!! x