Algorithm Update cut traffic in half

Last Update: August 16, 2018

Good morning WAers...

I started my website in March of 2016. I was sailing along pretty good for awhile and steadily gaining traffic. On a good day my site would attract up to 1500 unique visitors. Then on August 1st Google did an algorithm update and my SEO traffic dropped to about 78 people and has stayed there for the last 16 days.

I did some research last night only to discover this Google update targeted mostly health and wellness websites. urgh....that's me. The articles said "there's not a thing you can do about it".

I've worked my butt off day in and day out, sometimes up to 10 hours a day for 2 1/2 years. I'm not sure what to do or where to go with this, but I'm leaning towards throwing in the towel and chalking all my hard work and money up to a great creative experience.

That's all.

I'm done.

Peace out,

Jackie Parker

P.S. curious if this has happened to anyone else? or if you've seen a signigicant reduction in traffic since August 1st?

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Sorayacge Premium
That would be such a shame, to give up. Good luck with finding a better solution. :)
JackieParker Premium
DianneBee Premium
I too have a health and wellness site, which has never taken off. I've been away and haven't checked - the site traffic lately. I'm quite discouraged all round right now.
I do agree with Stella741 - you can create a "how to" guide style book for Kindle.
I did this for a test drive, a 20 page book, and did zero promo. In a few months, I made sales from all around the world. A little money but could be more if I keep promoting.
Now I'm thinking of Stella's idea since I have so much written material. It's a good one!
Stella741 Premium
Hi Dianne,

I think the best way to promote is through email marketing. If you have a follow up sequence as taught by Jay (magistudios), you can have a drip-campaign of 10 emails over the course of say, 1 month. He has created more than 4 videos in the Live Events section on Email Marketing 2018.

I am currently learning some more email marketing tips on Udemy. Tom Carson-Knowles has written a brilliant course and covers 'how to build and back up a large list of subscribers using Aweber'.

As I'm just getting my feet wet - I want to do email marketing properly from the onset.

Once you have an automated follow-up sequence, it doesn't matter if your site drops in rankings. Your faithful subscribers will follow you no matter what happens if you provide valuable information in your emails.

Just do a PPC campaign starting on a low budget, find out which one of your ads (out of 3) is the best and scale up.

It's an ethical way to get your site noticed and get your ranking up.

This are my thoughts on the subject of regaining rank and followers. I hope they prove useful to you.

All the best...
JackieParker Premium
I've been poking around today trying to learn how to do the Kindle idea. Anyone know of a good course to get started? I really like the idea of a small publishing company. Thanks for responding. :)
Stella741 Premium
Morning Jackie,

I did a review on one. No affiliate links on it - yet.

All the best...
JackieParker Premium
Stella! xo thank you!
Stella741 Premium
That's alright...I'm glad to be of help.
dpanic63 Premium

That is Not Cool.

Look to take your knowledge and leverage it elsewhere but do not give up on the dream just reinvent it to something else.

These skill sets are the future and will no be going anywhere.

Give yourself some time, breath and look at what your options are at this point.

Also Maybe PM Kyle and see what he has to bring to the table.

JackieParker Premium
Thanks Dino
Stella741 Premium
There is one thing you can do and that is - write the kindle version of your site and sell it on amazon. All the tips that you used in your site -send out to your email list. Pray for alternative ways to gain traffic.

When I started in affiliate marketing 12 years ago, something similar happened to me. However I had only been 6 weeks online money earning as a newbie... I have really thick skin.

I developed an interest in other thing besides took 12 years...Now with WA I realise the sky is the limit and I can create niche sites about any topic I enjoy. Growing long natural hair... Fashion, how to keep kids entertained. You get my drift? A niche site only needs to be about 10-15 pages.

You have content and you backed up your site I hope? You have the hard copy?

Good - Jackie - the world is your oyster....

Wishing you all the best,

JackieParker Premium
Thanks for your encouragement Stella... I'm not exactly tracking your suggestion re: Amazon/Kindle, however. But if you want to elaborate more or send me a link to something you wrote or explains it better, I'm all ears! xo
Stella741 Premium
Please understand what I am trying to say Jackie.

For instance, a friend of mine asked me to proofread her book... It was her 1st one.

As she is a financial consultant with over 15 years of experience, I thought it would be a great book. I told her to do the ebook version and the hard copy version so she would get traffic from different sources. Multiple streams of income. This means if 1 source is hit, you still have a back-up.

I hope you have the hard copy of your site...You have, haven't you?

Well, whether you have it or not, you still have the knowledge. Look at Dylan Reiger here at WA. The same thing happened to him. He didn't give up and I really don't believe you should let Google win. You have only just started, dear..

Think of it like the tennis championships at Wimbledon - Andrew Murray kept at it..for years until...he finally made it...

I hope I have helped you in some little way dear..