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Good morning WAers... I started my website in March of 2016. I was sailing along pretty good for awhile and steadily gaining traffic. On a good day my site would attract up to 1500 unique visitors. Then on August 1st Google did an algorithm update and my SEO traffic dropped to about 78 people and has stayed there for the last 16 days. I did some research last night only to discover this Google update targeted mostly health and wellness websites. urgh....that's me. The articles said "there's not
February 15, 2017
Hi fellow WAers,I just realized that my one year anniversary with WA is today! I don't blog here much. It's not because I don't want to, rather I just never seem to have the time. I'm blown away by some of you who create the amazing trainings that help us all... I marvel by others who have more than one website. I have all I can do to write 2 blog posts per week and stay on top of all the other things that come with a website. You truly inspire me. When I joined WA I had zero knowledge about we
I've been following Glen Allsopp for awhile now. Here's his post today. It's awesome and I thought I'd share for all those still looking for their niche or for those looking to add another. me know what you find interesting or if you decide to pick one of these.
June 11, 2016
It's been 6 months since I joined this amazing platform and community. I've been steadily working on adding content to the site and today my site health is good (or getting better) and I'm grateful. I have good intentions every week of interacting here more. I try to answer a question here and there if I know the answer...which is not frequently since I'm a total newbie. I noticed my site rank got all the way down to 600 at one point, then it reversed direction and went back up to 1100. I have
April 20, 2016
Hello WA friends,I've been spending all my time working on my website, but not hardly interacting much here, except when I have a question... Thank you for all of your help. I'm learning so much every day, it's crazy. Some days are so fun, when everything is clicking. Some days are so frustrating and i'm pushing through resistance trying to figure things out.I been here since February and I have 9 articles written + 2 reviews, building website, learning visual composer, theme documentation, ho
April 03, 2016
Hi WA friends! A big thank you to all you. What a great community this is! I'm grateful to everyone who's taken the time to help answer my questions so far. when I have more time, i want to spend more time here helping newbies like me too. Here's my status up date. I have several pages up on my site. I'm in module 3 doing the product review assignment on a digital product. It takes me about 3 - 4 days to write it, and a week to watch the program. Is this a normal amount of time to do an assig
Today I'm beginning module 3. I'm enjoying being here a lot. Thank you to everyone who's helped me so far. The community is really awesome and I'm try to pay it forward whenever I can. I have my website up, but still have some internal conflict about direction. I don't know if I'm in the parenting, weightless or ayurveda niche and I seem to be lacking the conviction that I'm on to something. All I know is that I have a burning desire to add value and help moms with their own vitality and wholen
March 04, 2016
Hello WA community. Happy to be here. I feel like WA is exactly what i need right now. I have an Ayurveda practice in Ojai, California. I saw clients and did body treatments. I now want to take the website in a different direction and do a niche site on Healthy weight loss for mama's and kids. My existing URL is so it works nicely. II've taken a few other courses around the web. But I still am a big NEWBEE, so I'm going to be asking a lot of questions. Thank you in advance. I