How many affiliate links is too many? And will result in a google penalty.

Last Update: August 31, 2013

I read this blog pot by come guy yesterday.and he aid that he got penalized for having too many link.

Now his reason for being penalized was pretty obvious. He made a comparison chart on his site with about 100 product and linked them all to hi amazon account. And of course google penalized his site for having too many link on one page. He should have known better than that.

My question is how many links is too many. I know 100 links on one page at one time is way too much. but what about 100 affiliate link throughout your site over the course of a year. Would that also be considered too many?

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Wedge910 Premium
Google wants to make sure that you are not creating posts that are generic. Generic posts do not enhance the reader's experience and provide little value-added.
KatieMac Premium
Google wants websites to have good information for those searching and good user experience.. if it looks to spammy will soon be on your case
ngraddon Premium
Why is Google so finicky about affiliate links? Throughout the internet you see pages littered with links to outside sources. Yahoo/Bing do not penalize this way.
izzysmommy Premium
Thanks for clearing that up for that up for me Carson :)
Carson Premium Plus
A couple links on any given web page on your site is all that you need. It's fine to have 100's of links on your site if you have 100's of pages and posts.

There are no "Exact" rules on this but a good rule of thumb would be to add 1 affiliate link for every 500 words. If you've got a post that is 1000 words long, then 2 affiliate links is just fine.

Keep in mind that not every piece of content you are writing should have affiliate links.

You can have affiliate links on review pages etc, but not all of your content should be trying to get people to visit an external site. Rather, link your pages together so that some of the links go to other pages on your site. In many cases you should have pages that do not have any affiliate links and where they just link to other pages.

** When I say "Pages", I'm referring to both pages and posts.

Bryant88 Premium
Awsome information, is there a post on WA with more of the same that expounds on this subject matter?
DJ-Yogi Premium
What is with my WA-review. I wrote 6000 words and the links are with one exception (Jaaxy) to my affiliate link of WA. How much is to much?