My 1st Non-WA Comment. Better than a Commission! for now

Last Update: January 15, 2017


Wealthy Affiliate is a wonder box of top-notch tools, chief among them is Site Comments. I’m making the most of it. But I got the first non-WA, unsolicited comment!

It just landed on a page on my website, following an article I wrote a couple of days ago. The visitor left a comment thanking the writer (me) for the good read and asked a question. Of course, I replied and thanked them back.

This is not the first time that one of my articles or blogs get comments and engagement, some even went viral with thousands of hits, but these were on other websites that I don’t own.

Yes, it’s not a sale and there’s no commission, yet. Still, that’s a healthy sign. To me, this is more noteworthy than a measly commission, because the comment stays there and it’s kind of a milestone. It means that my content is engaging and can strike a chord with people.

That doesn’t mean I’m not after commissions :) but considering the broad and very competitive niche I’m in – which is BTW wearable technologies – this makes me all the more determined!



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ShonaPieters Premium
Congratulations and all the best going forward
iZED Premium
Thanks Shona, wish you the same!
Shinobi57 Premium
Excellent! I understand your excitement. The first of many I'm sure.

Well done,

iZED Premium
Hi Steve and thank you! You're right, it's exciting :)
MPollock Premium
Nice work
iZED Premium
Thank you Mike!
AppleofGold Premium
Congrats, your best indication of successes to come! Thanks for sharing the momment with us! Here's to continued success!

iZED Premium
Thank you very much Lynne :) same to you!
subnetbuzz Premium
Nice! It feels great to get that vindication doesn't it?

That little rush you get when someone takes the time to show their appreciation.

Here's to many more natural comments in your future!
iZED Premium
I know, right... a rush!
Thanks buddy.