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March 06, 2017
Hi,I wanted to share with you a video representing Google as balding, middle-aged and bored office worker guy! Although it’s hilarious and was made for fun, it does shed some light on the web search thing and people day-to-day interaction with search engines. It gives some insights into users weird requests as well as the workings of Google. It nods unsubtly to the good folks of the NSA, and at some point, he lost it with some undecided guy :)It's a series of 5 parts, so enjoy :)https://w
Hi folks!Recently, I subscribed to a website and, among other stuff, they offered a report (mini ebook) for free. Then, I received an e-mail asking me if I would leave a testimonial about the product I used.The info was quite useful really, so they deserve that testimonial anyway and they’ll get it. But I’m just wondering whether this would count as a backlink as I can mention my website! If yes, should I mention it in the body or just in the corresponding box (Blogger at
Hi!Wealthy Affiliate is a wonder box of top-notch tools, chief among them is Site Comments. I’m making the most of it. But I got the first non-WA, unsolicited comment! It just landed on a page on my website, following an article I wrote a couple of days ago. The visitor left a comment thanking the writer (me) for the good read and asked a question. Of course, I replied and thanked them back.This is not the first time that one of my articles or blogs get comments and engagement, some even
Hi,Just like everyone of you, I was excited about the SSL coming to WA platform, and (un) like you, I found it was harder than just pushing a button. The padlock wouldn't go green!I read a lot about issues and how to fix them here at WA and elsewhere, I tried many plugins (WP Force SSL, SSL Insecure Content Fixer, Search and Replace) to no avail! Then, after some digging, I found that the theme I’ve been using was to blame! I just changed it, chose a clean and lean mag theme, and voil&agr
------------------ WARNING: THIS BLOG IS NOT SEARCH-ENGINE- OPTIMIZED, READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!Natural Backlinks… Are you having a laugh? :) I’m laughing :) Not sure about you! We know it; from neophytes like myself to SEO experts and web gurus alike, we know the rehashed teaching: you need natural backlinks to keep in Goggle’s good graces and to obtain quality organic backlinks, your best bet are Link-baits i.e., exciting, original and useful content in the hope that so
Hi, everybody! This is a rant against Google’s hypocrisy and unprofessionalism! And that’s not only because, after three months, I’m still off the radar of Google’s coveted 1st page :)The hegemony of a company may seem "suspicious" in a competitive economy. Nevertheless, a dominant position may have been acquired through hard work and a series of successes and not through anti-competitive maneuvers. Market domination is not reprehensible per se. The abuse of this positio
Hi,This isn’t a joke! But that was In 1999. Read through for a funny little bit of cyber history.Back then, Google was not the juggernaut that it has now become. In 1999, during the heyday of the Dot.Com bubble, there were roughly 10 million websites (compared to estimated 1 billion+ today!). Hard to believe, but Google was then in Beta version! Yahoo was number 1, dominating the scene with Altavista and Excite (the same Excite, to be acquired by Ask)Anyway, after they created Google in 1
December 17, 2016
Hi guys!I noticed, like just now, that my website’s health bar got blue, saying it’s health is getting better. I know that’s not a big deal :) I’ve published couple of posts and reviews, sprinkled with a handful of comments (26) from WA friends :)That's just me warming up :) I set a personal challenge: in Januray, that is 30 days give ot take, I'll write 100 articles targeting the lowest hanging of fruits there are :) Then I'm going to keep that pace until I hit page one
Hi folks!Google sometimes gives me a headache!Upon typing a keyword, it sometimes returns illogical results that I can't make sense of, maybe you can. Let me give you an example:Say I look for this keyword: "types of carbs". Look at the results below:1- Why is that result featured in a frame? is it Google or the website?2- Why isn't the first result that's featured ( which an authoritative website while the second result (featured) is just a niche website?Then, if we scroll down, w
December 08, 2016
As a stargazer enthusiast myself, I’m excited about the two major celestial spectacles we’re about to witness!Dec 14, we’ll be treated to a double event: the Supermoon and Geminid meteor shower!The Geminid meteor shower can be seen by the naked eye every year in mid-December (4 to 17). Now, Earth is so close to the orbit of the Phaethon that a large part of this asteroid’s debris is in the terrestrial atmosphere. As Earth is traveling through this cloud of cosmic debris,