August 2023 Earnings Report: $2121.15

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This is the latest update to my ongoing adventure to sell one of my sites for $200,000. If you want to see my plans and get an introduction to it all, you can read in full detail here:

Feel free to check out July's Earning report as well here:

A Busy August

I've been hard(ish) at work on the site this month. Mostly working behind the scenes but also providing updates to old posts to get them moving up the ranks again.

I originally set a goal to update 60 articles ASAP. I didn't set a time frame for this goal keep in mind, but I did manage to publish 47 article updates in August alone.

The other main item I've been working on is E-E-A-T, which is becoming increasingly more and more important, not just in Google's eyes but the users as well.

I've been using my real name, linking out to my social profiles, establishing that I am real person outside of just this one website.

If you are still publishing under a pseudonym, using a stock image as a profile picture, and basically running your site as an anonymous source, you should start making changes to fix that as soon as you can.

You still have some time, but the writing is on the wall. Google wants real people who can demonstrate their real experiences.

I still have a number of changes to make, including some technical ones, and I'll detail those in another update later this month.

Most importantly, I got to spend time with my family this month before everyone headed back to school. We spent a week at the beach, time visiting family, and just enjoying the last days of summer outside.

But now, what you really came here for...

August 2023 Earnings: $2121.15

The previous month's numbers look different because there was another affiliate program I was running that wasn't included in month's past. Everything has been adjusted to account for them.

With that we have this lovely chart:

As you can see, it's been straight improvement across the board. Everything was the highest it's been all year. Traffic, revenue, and RPMs were all up a decent amount, but the killer column is the average daily earnings.

That improved to net me an extra $20+ per day or over $600 for the month.

Best of all, most of my growth didn't happen until the second half of the month. My average traffic and earnings are up considerably over what the chart states, and both continue to grow week over week.

It appears that I have survived the latest Google Core update as well. This hasn't been the case for some time now as previous updates have tended to take away what little traffic I had left.

Estimated Valuation: $75,000-$80,000

August was a 42% increase over July. When I started this project I estimated my site would probably sell for around $50,000.

Judging by the site's current numbers and the trajectory it's on, I would think it would sell for between $75k and $80k. I'm over inflating the numbers a little, but that's mostly due to the growth seen in the second half of the month.

It's been one month and I'm already almost halfway to my goal. I may have to set my sights even higher.

Plans for September

Well the kids are back in school so I'll actually be able to sit down and work uninterrupted for the first time since freaking May.

I'm going to continue to update my old articles, come up with a plan to get my old newsletter up and running again, and make some more technical changes to improve my site's E-E-A-T score even more. Really hoping I can get this site moving by the time October rolls around and those sweet sweet Q4 RPMs come through.

How was your August?


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Good morning Steve,

Thank you for your regular update, it's great that things are moving forward! It just shows what can be achieved when we spend time on our websites. I really hope that you reach your goals and go far beyond what you ever expected.

My offline business has been a bit quieter, so I have had time to work a bit more on my websites, which is always welcome.

Have a great weekend.


Thanks Roy. I'm just trying to share with you all actionable items that are working for me in hopes you can use them for improvements on your own sites.

Thank you, Steve, that's appreciated!

I think is brilliant how we can share on this platform, what things are working, and things we are struggling with and asking questions etc! We can all learn so much!

All the best.


Very, VERY Well done, Steve!


Cheers Jeff!

Cheers, Steve!

This is an amazing post!
Love the inspiration it brings!

Congratulations Steve!

Way to go!!!

Maria 🌹

Glad to share Maria! Thanks!

Love following your progress! Way to go!

Thanks Anne! Still have a ways to go, but it's looking promising so far.

This is awesome, Steve...congratulations!


Thanks Mike! Appreciate it

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