The Right 4 Key to Success

Last Update: November 15, 2013

I found an old, literally old book, I enjoyed
reading it. Although we heard this a lot of times from different writers and
speakers, it is worth to re-echo from time to time because when they sounded
like a unending tape and it hurts to hear again that is the only way that it
get unto us.

This book shares what are the personalities or
values that the famous Successful people have in common where in those who
always fails missed it.

1.The goal

As per Anthony Robbins “How can you
Hit if you don’t have a Target”. It was an absolutely true.

2.Consistently Taking Action

Self explanatory. Whether your goal is to win a
lottery, you still need to think of a number combination and take effort to go
to the booth and play, right? Hmmm, I mean that in every goal to achieve we need to do

3. Ability to interpret your result

I think this is the most important thing. No
matter how hardworking you are if you don’t know how far or close you are in
achieving your goals, you may not go anywhere.

4. Flexibility to change direction

Not everything we planned goes well. Sometimes we
failed because it’s not the right thing to do or it’s not the right way how to
do it. Learn from it and look for other options. As long as you keep on trying
and moving you will have a part of the word”Success”.


I’ve been into Up’s and downs here at WA.
Sometimes I’m too impatient and frustrated. I’ve been disappointed when my
results are not what I’m expecting.

But I’m thinking, I’ve been in a university for
5 years and went through a lot of hardships and somehow manage to reach who I’
am today and so how can I fail with WA when all the resources being in front of me?

When I’m writing how to become happy at work by
changing your attitude, I learned from it a lot. Not knowing I’m also educating
my self by the words I’m typing.

Change the way you think. Like when you want to be inspired, imagine your goals and how succesful you would be if you keep on going.

Accept the fact that in the world of internet marketing
it takes time and effort to achieve your goals. By setting my goal at the most
possible time before seeing any result I won’t be disappointed if today,
tomorrow or next month I won’t see anything.

It took me 5 years to earn a degree; it took me
2 years of hard work to get to the next level.

How long should I wait and work
to earn from WA? Go back to Kyle’s
Blog>>>> I’m just joking<<<<<<

For me, I set to 6 months to a year. So if on my
3rd month my website is still crawling, that will be ok, as long as
it is crawling, one day it will find its strength to run.

Thanks WA and WA Community……..Cheers…………..Jane

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jyoder101 Premium
Very helpful, thank you!
maxser67 Premium
"Bulls eye"! (don't you say like that?)
Right now I was impatient and frustrated of my (non)work here at WA!
Thank you so much ivanjane for open my eyes again to see the hole picture and stay focus on my goal.
ivanjane Premium
Yes me too, I keep on inspiring my self by sharing what I wanted to. In that way it gets unto me and changed my way of thinking eventually.
Gordi Premium
It's great to read reminders to have patience and faith. Sometimes I doubt that I am doing this right. Not the WA training, I know it's awesome. Sometimes I wonder if I am getting it right or effectively applying what I am learning.
AnnieB Premium
Yes Jane, like everything else that we are aiming for, there will be ups and downs. Including the emotional roller coaster as well. We just have to keep on heading in the right direction. I enjoyed reading your blog.
Hari S Nair Premium
very inspiring Jane..just work persistently..every time you feel you are not going anywhere just immediately become aware of he thoughts that you are getting and change the perspective to look at things immediately..(as you said you educate yourself by educating is flowing through me while writing this..:)...all the best..!!!
ivanjane Premium
Thanks Hari. God bless.