What are Your Online Business Goals? Here are mine.

Last Update: June 12, 2022

I'm just curious to know, what are you online business goals?

I'm sure a lot of you will think about money after hearing this question, but that's actually not what i'm asking here.

I'm more interested in the "other" types of goals. Those that have higher value than money.

For example, my goal is to build a life I don't need a vacation from. And, to show as many people as I can how to do the same!

To be honest, since I quit my old job and went to work online, I kinda realized this dream without realizing that it's already my reality.

I guess it takes a bit of time before new paradigm settles in. At least in my case lol.

Before, I had enough of my job after Monday was over. Today, I "work" seven days a week, and to be honest, I don't even count the days of the week anymore :)

Working online gave me freedom. And above all, I enjoy at what I do, which means that I don't need breaks nor do I get tired.

In fact, my online busines fills me with energy!

That's my higher goal...

So what is your higher goal with your online business?

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Mattylinc Premium
Hey Ivan, yeah I love your goals, and love even more that you're a shining example to us all of what CAN be achieved.

My higher goals are pretty much the same as yours bro, aside from the money part, i just wanna get back my TIME more than anything.

To wake up knowing there's no 'job' i have to rush to, and getting to spend all my time on my family and ENJOYING this journey called life is absolutely the ultimate goal for me-and if i can earn some decent revenue whilst doing it, that's even better.

Thanks brother, a great post and question to put out there, hope you're well in your part of the world these days.
Deborahj13 Premium
Wow, Ivan your goal sounds amazing and yet so simplistic! Who wouldn't want that?

I'm very new at this so your goal says a lot to me. My goal is to create a niche that will encourage older women to live their best life through faith, fitness, fashion and fun! I hope that makes since, I'm still working on it.

Thanks for Sharing.
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Hi, Ivan

My goal is just to have fun with my guitar website and make a little money in the process.

I am lucky enough to really like my job, but I am beginning to wind down at 68 years old.

For me, it's all about helping people and quality of life.
IvanBroz Premium Plus
You're indeed a lucky guy, Frank :) Wishing you all the best with your guitar website. Keep rocking!
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
I can relate to you Ivan but in a different way.

Since I retired my pensions pay me enough to live a comfortable life without having to work again. I was fortunate to have held good jobs that give me two pensions and three Governments that give me social security. England, Canada, and the US since I have worked in all of these countries.

There are downsides though. The big one currently is inflation. The other is the value of my foreign pension changes month to month depending on the foreign exchange between the US, GB, and Canada.

So, my affiliate marketing business will compensate for any shortfall in the future. And go beyond that to create a legacy.

My goals are not money. They are doing the tasks necessary to earn money. Money is actually the byproduct of a successful business.

I feel you think the same way, Ivan.

All the best to you.

IvanBroz Premium Plus
That sounds like a healthy way of thinking about business, Edwin! Best of luck with your goals :)
WelcomeMM Premium
Thank you for sharing the importance of having an online business. I have found that whether online or offline or inline, the goal is the same. We want the freedom and to impact the world.

Jim Rohn shared 3 keys to greatness and he stated that “how much value we bring to the market place will determine the value we see in our bank accounts”.

My goal is to learn impact form fun friendships empower others and Experience Xtra-Life at my choice.

Your article is an inspiration to me of what can be achieved through online business.
IvanBroz Premium Plus
Jim is 100% right. The law of compensation is unbreakable.

Best of luck with your own goals!