Why Email Marketing is Essential

Last Update: December 24, 2018

How do you get in touch with your ideal audience? Have you always found it easy to write posts along with emailing your subscribers?

How do you email your blog subscribers? Have you ever tried emailing your subscribers at all? Whether you've been into this so far or you're just starting it up, emailing is instrumental to a successful blog.

Are you thinking that your business wouldn't require subscribers at all? If so, that imagination of yours may never do your business any good at all. From the very first day of launching your blog, you need to start building an email list. There are several ways in which you can go about this on your websites such as Lead Magnet opt-in plugin, Hello Bar tool, MailChimp, and many more.

Without emailing the subscribers, you won't be getting traffic from the onset as your website is still new, and this will surely make it difficult for you to get your blog off the ground.in the online world. Emailing is one of the most favorite strategies used by the pros and it really helps them get tons of traffic to their websites.

Building an email list creates an opportunity for you to engage your audience in a more convenient and safer way known as "Email engagement"

I would like to first clear the way before I continue talking about building an email list for your online business to make it skyrocket in search results.

Must it be an Email Newsletter all the Time?

How can you differentiate between a newsletter and an email list? Are you regarding both to mean the same?

On neutral ground, a newsletter is a piece of content disseminated to subscribers out there on a regular or consistent basis. Such emails contain links to product reviews, product description, products owned by you, other services and the likes.

When it comes to sending a notification email, broadcasting some certain products or services inside and outside your personal blog, or advertising an affiliate program to the subscribers, a newsletter wouldn't be the only option to carry out such an activity.

Sometimes, you may just create a short post on your blog and embed links that redirect people to some posts or pages on your website which you may want to bring to the awareness of your email subscribers. Thus, emailing a newsletter wouldn't be the only option to communicate information to subscribers.

On the other side, an email list is a broad list of the people who got subscribed to your website and agreed to frequently receive blogging updates, upcoming events or an email containing links to the most recent posts on your website.

The only problem is that serious email subscribers wouldn't want to keep clicking through once they've found that you don't send out emails frequently. The best way to maximize email marketing for your business is through the frequent posting of updates and events coming up or those that have recently occurred your website.

Reasons You Must Keep Your Subscribers Engaged through Emailing

When it comes to reducing your bounce rate in Analytics, emailing your subscribers is a great strategy to get rid of that as a good number wouldn't hesitate to open and click through when they know they've always got informative content in what you send.

Because most struggling veteran bloggers have ignored this system of online marketing regarding it as a waste of time, it's been so difficult for such people to increase Alexa ranking for their websites.

If you simply know how to build email engagement with your subscribers, you'll successfully have a good standing in the online world and will surely boost Google PageRank for your website.

Here are the top reasons you need to email your subscribers frequently:

  1. Emailing lets you be in full control of your business
  2. Emailing lets you build engagement with your subscribers
  3. Emailing lets you advertise new and existing products and services to your subscribers
  4. Emailing lets you build traffic for your website
  5. Emailing lets you provide mentoring services to your subscribers the way you desire
  6. Emailing lets you choose the category of subscribers you wish to communicate with at one time or the other.

Emailing Lets You Build Engagement with Your Subscribers

Sending emails to the subscribers together with building email engagement with them has no SEO implications whatsoever, unlike in offering and receiving blog comments.

Once you can try to email your subscribers frequently and are well-recognized for your consistency, you'll surely win the people's minds and rock your email marketing campaigns.

Attaching extra files along with sending emails to the subscribers is permitted without any moral justification required, whereas, this is not allowed in blog posts or blog comments.

In case your subscribers want to make some inquiries on anything, they're equally free to reach you via email without any ranking implication no matter how little.

Emailing Lets You Be in Full Control of Your Business

As you build on your email list, you'll continue to increase your website traffic and exposure will also increase for your blog in the online world. Once you've got a huge list of active subscribers in your subscriber database, be more thorough in building engagement in order to become an authority soon. As search algorithms keep changing from time to time, keep at emailing the subscribers as this will let you be on the safer side no matter what comes up in future changes.

A lot of online marketers got so frustrated due to the fact that social media platforms went fully-monetized. Gone were the days when you could generate almost instant traffic from Facebook just for sharing a blog post with the followers.

If you actually relied on the social media channels alone not foreseeing that they could become monetized of a sudden as they did today, you can imagine how painful it's going to be. It shows that you're not in control unlike in email marketing.

Emailing Lets You Advertise New and Existing Products and Services to Your Subscribers

When it comes to communicating important products to the audience, emailing would be the best as it allows you to add links which you can't do on social media sites.

As you know, you have more than 15000 MB disk space in your Gmail account which means you can't exhaust this in a lifetime by sending email newsletters as well as advertising products and services to your subscribers.

Emailing Lets You Build Traffic for Your Website

The more you build engagement with the subscribers, the better the exposure you'll get in the online world. Before you know what's going on, you've already started being seen as an authority blogger in the blogging world.

By persistently and consistently engaging the subscribers, stepping up in the business is guaranteed.

Emailing Lets You Provide Mentoring Services to Your Subscribers as You Desire

Are you good at mentoring others? The best way to do that is through email marketing. Once you have some active subscribers in your database, the opportunity to start mentoring others has already come.

Through email, you'll have the opportunity to bombard your active subscribers with lots of useful and helpful tips and resources which will guarantee that they walk in the right direction on the blogging journey.

Emailing Lets You Choose the Category of Subscribers You Wish to Communicate with at One Time or the Other.

When you've just published a new post on your blog, this gets disseminated via email to all of the RSS feeds that are active on your blog as well as to the active subscribers you currently have on your subscriber database.

Thus, it's likely that you may have some particular information for specific people among your subscribers. Emailing lets you choose who you want to communicate with at one time or the other.

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Much welcome, marchanna! Thanks for stopping by! Add list-building to your online marketing strategies as this will allow you to engage your ideal target audience as well as generate tons of direct traffic. Wish you success in your online endeavors! Looking forward to seeing more of your future accomplishments in the blogging world!

You may also go through any of the following resources at your leisure. They provide useful blogging tips to become successful online. Israel Olatunji
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Another thing I have to add next year. I do have a list started, at least.
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Thanks for stopping by, FKelso! Much grateful! I replied your PM some moment ago and explained how you can find your contact list in your Hello Bar account. It's quite easy and anyone can do it. Thanks for asking! See you at the top of the world soon! Looking forward to seeing your future accomplishments in the online world!

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Awesome post Israel getting more and more of an understanding of what needs to be done thank you and Merry Christmas.
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Thanks for your understanding, directJ! Much grateful! Yes, list-building can play a crucial role in trying to build links. Oh, are you expecting to increase Alexa ranking for a website with low competition keywords alone? Not at all! Never! It doesn't work out with choosing low competition keywords to write content alone. You need to implement the right strategies so far you want to move your business to the top of the page soon.

You may also go through any of the following resources at your leisure. They provide useful blogging tips to become successful online. Israel Olatunji
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Thanks for finding quality in my work, Tirolith! Much grateful! Building an email list is one of the most promising online marketing strategies to build up website traffic from the onset. In as much as the quality of visitors that come to your site daily matters when it comes determining link quality for your website in search engine, you can imagine the kind of fortune list building will do for your online business. Thanks for your lovely visit! Looking forward to seeing more of your future accomplishments!

You may also go through any of the following resources at your leisure. They provide useful blogging tips to become successful online. Israel Olatunji
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