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Last Update: February 25, 2019

In case you hadn't noticed, I am rather "long of tooth" which is another way of saying I am older than dirt. Now that you know this, two things become evident. One, I have a lot of life experience and two, I am closer to the tomb than the womb.

So what is an old retired geezer like me doing here? Well, the golden years ain't so golden. After working all of my life and saving up money, raising kids, paying for a house and having travelled all over the world i am now sittting around listening to my arteries harden and bored due to lack of intellectual challenge more world's to conquer.

Quite by accident I came across the Wealthy Affiliates program on my own and immediately had my curiosity piqued. First reaction was wow. Second reaction was this has to be the mother of all scams, so I checked it out - nothing negative. I signed up and then found out this is on the up and up and believe me, I can smell a rat like a cat!

You have two young guys (at my age everyone is young) who have developed a helluva business plan and become very wealthy. The fact that they are rich is a good thing because you don't want to model yourself after someone who is flat broke and a failure. People without money are not usually good employers. In order to maintain their lifestyle they need people, and those people are you. There is enough pie here for everyone to have a piece.

I have found that hard work generally pays off and if you rely on someone else to make you wealthy you are in deep doo doo. In my case it is not so much the money as it is the work and realization of success. Many young people today feel they are entitled to success and don't want to work to earn it. Here you have the tools provided to you for virtually no cost with a rate of return that is out of sight.

My onlly regret is that I did not find this opportunity before arriving at my dotage. Sacrifice if necessary. Stay focused on the goal ahead. Have patience - this is not a get rich quick scam. Put in the due diligence and don't let some old guy like me show you up. See you guys and gals (watch out ladies) in Lost Wages in January (unless I assume room temperature).

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Ahimbe Premium
If the system would allow me I would give you 2 likes. Your blog is informative coated with lively humour.
Thank you for sharing.
dragonfly10 Premium
Well said. I am currently creating a website for retires needing to supplement their retirement income. Your input was very refreshing.
Nahakia Premium
I really enjoyed how you put this article together. It made, laugh, smile, and think at the same time. I feel extremely optimistic after reading and absorbing what you have said, and Im looking forward to seeing the fruits of my labor:)
SnazzyIT Premium
I love your subtle humour. Very nicely written and an encouragement for me to do my best, as I am no longer a spring Chicken either. Thank you.
Stella741 Premium
Wise words!
keishalina9 Premium
It's all ok -- the Universe embraces you to success!

hey hi William & welcome to Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Premium!

Glad to have you aboard on this amazing Enterprise ship & appreciate your 'crusty' humour ....

all the best & love your user name 'IQ of Genius!'

cheerio ... 🌈⭐️🎈
SteveMand Premium
I think you need to stop refering to yourself as old/in your dotage/long of tooth - don't fall into a negative mindset.

I don't know how old you are, but my dad is 78 and would hate for anyone to refer to him as old!
MMelnick1 Premium
So you are feeling your age? The love of my life is 35 and I'm 68. She tells me age is only a number. But I too feel my age and then take a look at her, nature and all that this life has brought. Then I'm back on track knowing that there is so much more ahead than behind.

Know that you're blessed and stop being a doddering old fart that you want the world to think you are! I can't wear that well, so why should you.

Sorry to respond like this but your post got to me. I only wish you the best and will always do.

SteveMand Premium
Well said Mike!
iqofgenius Premium
I take comfort and Joy in my "old age". The alternative is not pleasant.
MMelnick1 Premium
You're only as old as you want to be. That's what I was nicely trying to tell you.
Showolf Premium
With old dirt, one can find hidden gems, and I think I found one here!
While not as 'long in the tooth' as you... I remember things like the Yellow Pages and Phone booths... so yep... I'm dusty.
I'm with you on entitlement... I will refrain from the rest of my rant on that... 🤣.
May you avoid room temperature for many years... blue is so NOT your color!!
PAvanzato Premium
I can relate to this said one old man to another.