Time for self-introspection

Last Update: February 05, 2016

The experiences of life make us believe that if your attitude is positive, you may find positive lights even in the darkest days of your life. It is always our own choice whether to look for the positive things or negative things in every happening.

Recently I have experienced it in my life. In the month of July, 2015 I fell down at my home accidentally. I had a severely fractured ankle bone. I remained on the bed for about four and half months. The leg was plastered and I was advised for complete bed rest.

The situation was not acceptable to me but I was helpless. In spite of being handicap, I was determined to make the best use of my time. I was positive and optimistic. I made a self-introspection as to where I was lacking in my actions and which activities can help me go ahead in my life towards growth.

The first positive point I found with my situation is that I had enough of time to do anything I like, sitting or lying on my bed. The second positive point was that since I was on the bed nobody was going to disturb me. My son was suddenly grown up because of this event sharing all the burden of work related to home. This was a golden opportunity for me.

My positive attitude paid its dividend. The first achievement was that using this time sitting on the bed, I published one of my print books on the subject of ‘effective communication’ which is now in the market. The second achievement was that I have completed two kindle books waiting to be released in February, 2016. The third benefit was that I could find enough time to scan through my websites looking for the possible changes that I could make to improve its ranking.

Now, it seems to me, as if the problem that came into my life was certainly for my good. As if it was designed to give a boost to my journey towards success.

The learning is that whatever may come in our life, we should always look for the positive sides involved in it. That will always help us for betterment in life.

I wish success in everyone’s life.

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JudeP Premium
Great to see your positivity :)
Inspiration1 Premium
Thanks and best wishes.
I never did very well in employment and tried to work on a business since 2004, I had not earned a dime on the Internet until I came here at WA.

Due to not getting very far in employment I remained in low-wage, highly labour intensive work, stuff nobody else wants to do, dusty, dirty, back-breaking work.

When I was younger, I could handle it and come home and try to work on Internet marketing with the limited knowledge I had. With conflicting information I was using, I never got far at all, and didn't even know what a campaign was, let alone keyword and other aspects of IM.

I was building websites (the old fashion way) and making them live - and praying for traffic that never came.

By the time I started preparing my way to Wealthy Affiliate in 2009, I was already living in horrible conditions which I won't even disclose. I lived in someone's back yard, rescued from homelessness and severe illness. I was nursed back to health, however, my host didn't take to online business very kindly and was repeatedly demanded to get out and find full-time work and stop "farting around" behind a computer in my camper all day.

Even though coming up with rent money each month, I was kicked out on numerous occasions because I refused to stop working on my online business. By this time, I was making a regular online income.

This hasn't stopped though my business is now on hold until I can clear up remaining distractions and obligations.

I have never given up under the the conditions in which I found myself, though I did a lot of complaining about it here in the Forum, in my blogs, etc.

Nonetheless, last year, I was diagnosed with the inability to hold down any kind of competitive employment position and am now on disability, for things I was once thought of as "having an attitude."

I have, many times, seen my situation in negative views, but enough to know that this would stay the same until I did something about it.

It took two years to prepare and make way for needful changes in my environment and outlook on life.

Albeit, during the times of oppression against what I chose to do by passion, I often had my Internet connection disconnected to force me to go out and look for a job, and other circumstances that did seriously get in the way. I had been, many times here, critiqued for "letting outside circumstances get in the way." Sometimes, that just can't be helped at a moment's notice, but over time, I have gotten myself out from under these things, and so I add to what you've said above...

Persistence pays off. No, I am not quite there yet, but closing in on it. My living conditions now improved, eating better, many of my old stresses taken away, I am now cleaning up piles of unfinished business and chopping away at it.

It's like part of building the foundation to a grand tower. It is deep in the earth, set on bedrock and must be well-built. I have tried to build the tower first and found this does not work!

I have gone back to the beginning and am putting this thing together the right way, so when I do get up into the above ground tower construction, it will stand and it will take a lot to break it down.

As always, you have great posts and moments of inspiration for your readers!

Inspiration1 Premium
Daniel, remain indomitable as I have seen you for the last three years. Even, you do not know that you are building a grand tower of yours which shall be example for others in the times to come. i will be an witness and salute you. My best wishes.
AZechinato Premium
Sometimes "accidents" like yours are opportunities given to us by the Universe to slow down and take inventory. Many of your accomplishments might not have come to fruition otherwise. It's amazing how much we can achieve when obstacles and interruptions are removed.

Congratulations on your success and thank you for finding a way to turn an otherwise unpleasant experience into a positive experience for all of us!

I hope that you are feeling better and recovering well from your accident.
Inspiration1 Premium
Thanks for your comments and good wishes. Obstacles in our life become our strength when we look at it eye to eye being positive and the same obstacle becomes the cause of our failure when we become negative.
Yes, you have said it very well. The universe is always guiding us towards fulfillment, even by creating obstacles for us at times, not because it wants to stop us, but because it wants to draw our attention towards something we are ignoring. My best wishes.
playfulheart Premium
Great job of making lemonade out of lemons.
Inspiration1 Premium
Yes, the lemonade was sweeter than the lemons. thanks for commenting. Best wishes.
mjdimarco Premium
Periodic self-examination and reflection are incredibly valuable. We live at the edge most of the time. It is so helpful to look into our center, be grateful and stay positive on a regular basis.
Inspiration1 Premium
Indeed, we should always remain positive in our life. Thanks for commenting. Best wishes.