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Last Update: December 02, 2019

Congratulations Ingus!

You've just updated your membership to Premium Yearly!

Did it on the last day of Black Friday offer. It's kind of offer you can't refuse:) Still had to think about it for some days.

Though I am thankfull that I have the finances to do that and thankful that WA is offering such oportunity!

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HeidiAnders3 Premium
Congratulations, my friend!! 🎉🥳💙
JeffreyBrown Premium
Fantastic job and a very wise decision, my friend!

ExpatMark Premium
Eastern Slavs are always ahead of the curve! Hello neighbor, just bought a place in Ukraine last summer. Good luck and much success to you my Latvian friend.
Ingus Premium
Mark, that's a cool choice for living! Have a plan to visit Kyiv or Lviv!
ExpatMark Premium
Bought a condo in Kyiv last summer, but Lyiv looks incredible. Can live and retire anywhere and I chose Ukraine. Unreal country. And dirt cheap to live like a king.
Cannot wait to get back for good. Latvia is on the "to do" list for sure. The ladies are the most beautiful my eyes have seen.
MichalB Premium
Great Choice!