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Last Update: December 09, 2017

I am a huge proponent of making lists. Not just making them but organizing them in such a way that they create habits in me that were not there before. If this is you then Todoist is an amazing app you can sync across all your devices.

It allows you to create projects and tasks within those projects and schedule them just once or daily, weekly or monthly. It even allows you to set an alarm that will text you when a certain task or appointment is due as set by you down to the day and minute. I can set an appointment today to remind me 5 minutes before the Super Bowl, that the Super Bowl is going to be on and for Todoist to text me and let me know.

There is a premium version and I think they let you try that out for a while. It seems reasonable but when they turned mine off I didn't even notice the difference so the FREE version is plenty for what most people need. I think the premium version is for companies and such that want to sync schedules.

Anyway fantastic tool if you like this kind of stuff, I use if for everything from daily tasks to grocery store lists and more.

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krystlezee Premium
I have a bad habit of making plenty of lists that it gets to a point where I have to make a list of all my lists! Not kidding. I'm trying to get that under control. And I've tried different apps for list making and such, but I could never find one that I was fully happy with. Maybe I'll check this one out and see how I like it.
imthedamo Premium
Me too and I looked for years but this one has been working great for me for almost a year now.
DBeatty Premium
What will they think of next? That's a neat program.
subcpo14 Premium
Damo, I have issues with To Do lists but will try and see if this is a working option. The issue is the format and I have never found one I could use out of the box. Thanks, Jay
imthedamo Premium
I get it Jay, I looked for years for a good one. This one works for me. I have been using it for a year now.
botipton Premium
If I don't do a list then I do not get near as much done and some of it gets forgotten. Yes addicted to list
MKearns Premium
It started like that but as more things got added I was a list prioritizer and truncater!