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May 11, 2019
I realize last night most likely passed fairly uneventful for you but for the Wader family it was epic. Our family is a huge sports' family. We play sports' we watch sports' and we love sports'. What Steph Curry did last night in the 2nd half and more specifically in the 4th quarter was as good as it gets. I know Kyle is a huge NBA fan so at least one person here gets what I mean. However, how that translates to what we do here is actually quite simple. How many times have you been down-and-out
February 03, 2019
Cut out the Middle Man!You can use the search bar, in fact, it is even better than waiting for someone else to use it for you and produce the same results and then share them with you. I am not sure if many are not aware of this or just like getting folks to get there answers for them, either way you are doing yourself a disservice by not using all the tools afforded to you by WA.The search bar is all you really need. If this person had typed "Transfer Existing Domains," into that very bar inst
January 12, 2019
If you are not familiar with JVZoo, it is a product developer and sales platform for affiliate marketers. It is probably one of the first platforms besides Clickbank that I discovered when I first started this stuff way back in the day. However, the reason for this post is not to promote JVZoo but if you would like to check it out here you go - of the main reasons I was so happy to find Wealthy Affiliate and so frustrated with JVZoo was all the crap products they sold
I guess I knew we had no access to Cpanel but this is kind of a bummer. I just was about to use a very cool tool to help facilitate my Social Media posts and I can't do that here. No big deal but for those that are not aware, there are some restrictions to hosting your websites here. This is a big one. Oh Well!Damo
So I am a bit behind the times but this kinda caught me off guard. was watching Jay's training, "21 Minute Rankin Method," and I went back to post a few of my links to my G+ account and the image wasn't coming up right. I could not figure this out and even though I don't believe this had anything to do with the shut down I stumbled upon (no social media pun intended) this article and many others like it. This does not come as a co
January 03, 2019
Affiliate Marketing Reviews can be tricky, balancing opinion and promotion. I try and go in the oposite directon of the norm, not offering bonuses just critic.So let me start by saying I am no guru or review specialist by any means. That being said I do have my own personal style and perspective and it seems to be what works for me and is taught here with a small twist. Mainly, my big reveal here is I do not use affiliate links whether I like the product or I do not. I review to inform and main
December 02, 2018
You can't help but compare yourself sometimesI had an epiphany when I woke up at 3:16 AM this morning. Although I am not one to compare myself to others, I don't think my human nature will allow me to not at least indulge in a bit of... shall we say... "How did they do that when I am struggling so much," self-pity kinda stuff. The reason, if I am brutally honest, is usually a simple one. They were just more committed and worked harder. I just can't get around that fact. If I try to get around i
December 01, 2018
I just wanted to do an update to a post I made a year ago or so, ironically. Actually it was a little less than a year ago but you will get the point. Others in our WA community have written about ths free tool as I have so it sort of validates it's importance to me. Here is the post for a year ago: tool has been a great inspiration finder and capturer of ideas (love my made up words), however, what has been happening of the la
November 23, 2018
Today I took advantage of the Black Friday sale. I have been a premium member since I started my free account last year at this time. I have had no, zero, zip financial success at all. I know this is on me. We have an expression in another group I am involved with which goes like this, "Half measures availed us nothing!" This is what I have done. Worse I let the fear creep in and pretty much quit. I keep basics alive (thank God for that) but I was not attacking this thing like I wan to make a s
Funny how life is, you just take to some things and others they come and go. I am a recovering alcoholic, for example, involved in 12 step work, thank God I have taken to that program. I have taken to this one just the same. With so much crap being promoted WA is definitely the shiny city on top of a hill. I have not had any financial success with Wealthy Affiliate and to some or maybe many that might sound like a waste of time. To me, my growth I must journey through is measured in other ways