First Amazon sale.finally

Last Update: November 25, 2018

I've been waiting hella long to post this and it's finally time.

After trial and error and tons of writing and website changes, I think I finally understand what it takes to get those conversions on my site.

I have a routine of checking all my site analytics in the morning to see what I can improve on, and for a while I've been getting Amazon clicks, but no conversions. But today I finally snagged one and got my first sale. It was really exciting.

I'm one to always challenge myself, and when I made my site earlier this year, sometime in June, I wanted to make my first sale in the first two months but that didn't happen. Lol.

5 months into the site for a sale isnt too bad, I'll take it. But now that I know exactly what to do this is going to be too easy, especially when I start putting out ads.

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MThompson3 Premium
much lovecongrats
Vickic3 Premium
That's so great Tyrone- and I hope there will be 100's more to celebrate as you grow more and more
VictorF22 Premium
Congrats :)
HuyNLe1989 Premium
Thats great congrats!
Mick18 Premium
Congrats! The start of many.
Hollshope Premium
Congratulations! Your hard work is paying off.
GinaU1 Premium
Congratulations on your first sale -- so exciting!

Wishing you many more:)

smartketeer Premium
Congrats Tyrone!

Well done!

Once an avalanche has been started ...
AlanJE Premium
Congratulations, Tyrone!