How do I get 300 people to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: March 02, 2014

For some of us this is our ticket out and a way to bring value to other peoples lives as we spread the 'behind the scene' of an online business in its purest form here at Wealthy Affiliate.

We do know that a great foundation is necessary for long-term online business success and am grateful that Wealthy Affiliate provides that training and beyond to accomplish such an elegant endeavor.

With the conversion rate been 1-3% online, you will need 15,000 people exposed to this opportunity to experience community and growth where passion is transformed to profits.

There are two ways to go about it:

Passive way

This is where we know the mantra of Wealthy Affiliate as 'Valuable Content written consistently' is King.

Also, sharing that valuable content in social media spheres that targets your ideal audience without of course been spammy is a sure way of getting the desired traffic.

Doing Pay Per Click campaigns after you set the budget too, is a passive way to bring people to your offer and the training here will guide you to the best practices.

Lastly, in this passive way of doing things, there's contributing support and commenting on great reads where your audience hang out online without even leaving your links; pure contribution tactic.

Active way

This is where you actively are in charge of how many people get to know about your product, service or Wealthy Affiliate for this matter.

By working the math backward with 15,000 people in a year, (well, it's March now so we have 10 months left in 2014) you need to expose it to 1,500 people each month and 375 people each week and 62.5 that is 63 people each day for six days.

This approach will require that you get to have a database where you can email 63 people each day. Since majority of us like me are new to Affiliate Marketing and online business, we need to start somewhere and collect the emails.

There's a training here on how to breakdown this goal and go about setting a specific amount of time to bring about the results.


The active way depends entirely on the passive way in that, you need to have your content going on consistently and you contributing it socially and participating in forums or hangouts where your audience is found online so that you can back it up.

When someone goes to the link you provided in the email, they should go to a post where you have highlighted the benefits of what you are promoting and not to the sign-up area. This will increase sign-ups I bet.

Help needed

In this training by Mike, he highlights how to go about getting the emails and building a database for you to email.

I got a little confused for sure. Please, if you understand the B.E.G.I.N. technique of setting goals, I will appreciate if you break it down to bite size tips. I've not been able to contact Mike

In the mean time, I will work on creating content.

Thanks so so much for any input

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regularguy Premium
Whether we can meet the goal of 300 in our 1st year really shouldn't matter. Think about if you can get 50 referrals. Not only can you feel good that you have helped 50 people but also have a residual income of approximately $1K monthly. In addition for what we are learning we can also have our own niche and make a profit from it. Once you have that done then just repeat and rinse.

Anyway that is my goal even though would love the chance to meet everyone in Vegas. So maybe next year.
IJustDoItNow Premium
You have a really important point there. No matter the number of people that get to benefit, it's okay since value was added in someone's life. Would love to meet everyone too but I will give it time. Am just curious to know of all possible ways then I can choose one that I like then master it before going to the next. Glad to have you in WA, you help a lot and I have benefited from that. Cheers
SowAndReap Premium Plus
Great Great post, Thanks for the info.
IJustDoItNow Premium
Thanks, am glad the info was valuable. Mission accomplished. All the very best
mackiejw Premium
I took a look at 2 of the 8 (that includes Kyle and Larson) that went to Vegas last year. One is doing this business for over 5 years, and the other one for 10 years. We are in for just 5 months. I know that no matter what I "plan" on doing, I can not sign up 0.828 folks every single day of the year. And I am an optimist but also a realist.
Maybe 5 years from now, if I live that long.
IJustDoItNow Premium
John, I appreciate your perspective. I understand that time is a huge factor in this equation and me too, I am looking into the long haul of things. 5 years from now we should be having a consistent residual income online and thank God we have the training to prepare us for all that
Sherion Premium
I agree with you mackiejw. :)
Melanie1508 Premium
Excellent post. Thanks for sharing. I believe that you will have your 300 people in no time. Good luck to you! *Melanie*
IJustDoItNow Premium
Thanks Melanie, with such inspiration and support I be we can totally make it even if it's totally based on the passive ways. So long we are doing something each day that's ok
mindflare327 Premium
Awesome blog. Quite an eye opener when you do the math. Well done. Thank you for the link to Mike's I hadn't read that yet. You can believe that I will be adding this to my arsenal of information. Thumbs up
IJustDoItNow Premium
Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you that the more clear we are about outr goals the better we will accomplish them. All the very best- Margaret