Welcome to a page out of my POWER 2 Goal setting course.

I recommend you look at my POWER goals course 1, either before during or after this tutorial.


BEGIN - ( Break Each Goal Into Numbers)

This is a bit of a mathematical approach but I urge that you follow this closely.

Sometimes we have a goal which is either too large or too big to get our heads around. It may be a goal that does pass the SMART test but it still seems very large and maybe we have variables, amounts, fees, costs or time that we need to consider. I spoke in POWER 1 about 'How do you eat an elephant?' and you do so by one bite at a time. We are taking that a little further now and will figure what exactly is a bite and how do we get a bite and more importantly how do we actually eat it.

Variables Goals that are large will often have a lot of variables which need to be factored into the overall goal.

Time - A large goal, if SMART tested, will need a time limit. This techniques works especially good for goals with a definite time limit or completion date.

Amount - This can be a money amount, a weight amount or any amount where the following works "I want to earn/lose/gain X amount"

Rankings - We will discuss a priority system based on the importance of some variables.

Percentages - We may discuss percentages to break down the goal.

If you have any questions please contact me at WAcontentDr@gmail.com

For this tutorial I am going to use the example which is very pertinent to all of us now.

"How do I get 300 referrals by December 31st"

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healthywendy Premium
This is a helpful post, thank you!
betcha Premium
Wow, this is a great one. I love acronyms! That makes your points easy to remember. Breaking down our goals make them more achievable. Thanks for sharing, Mikey!
bloveds Premium
Excellent way to present this. I am big on goal setting and looking at my goals and tasks every single day. Sort of "How to Eat an Elephant.... one bite at a time". It is important to break down goals into bite size pieces so that we can avoid paralysis. Way to go here.! Actually never thought of using benchmarks, but maybe I am just not there yet. Don't even have the site completed, lol.
MikeyB Premium
glad you liked it thank you
MikeyB Premium
Cheers my friend, i just hope people look at it....As the constipated mathematician said to his wife, hold on I can work it out with a pencil LOL.......
skyhorse Premium
I would say you are I are the Goal Setting people here. Good job. It is taking the end goal and working backwards! How many people do I need to refer a month, a week, a day, even an hour to get to 300 by the end of the year.

And that all is mathematics! Great job!