Why it is sometimes hard and not easy to succeed in affiliate and online marketing

Last Update: May 07, 2019

Today I was inspired to write about reasons why it is not always easy to succeed in affiliate and online marketing. I hope you will take 5-10 minutes of your time and read it through.

It is merely the insight into the "never-ending debate" about succeeding and failing in the affiliate and online marketing business.

I have lusted 10 of them, although the topic is so broad that I could list them a hundred secure.

However, the ten points listed below are issues every online marketer faces. So, you as well

So, let's get started!

We re going to be covering:

  6. TIME

1) Your Decision to enter into affiliate or online marketing business

Many people when starting online business decide to earn money, not to build to store. It is the first biggest obstacle when starting an online store.

In essence, online business means building a business on the internet, not earning some money. We all know what marketing is. It is a real project.

Building a business is not easy, and it doesn't happen overnight, unless you have inherited one, and that one should go on and maintain the development and growth.

So, decide if you want to build a business or you want to earn some money. It is a huge difference. With marketing, the money comes too, but with some earned money, most probably the success you desire will not happen.

Building a successful online business is hard at least as it is offline. Be sure about that. It just uses different platforms, tools, techniques, and strategies, but, in essence, it is still about building a business. Moreover, every "business building" has particular ways how, where, when, with whom and why to do it.

2) Skills

This is another critical issue that many struggles with because they think that they are not skilled enough to start and maintain business online. Many are afraid or don't believe in their abilities. Skills are something that you can learn. No one is born with "online marketing skills," right? One might have the "latent potential" for a successful online marketer! Discover it. The skills are something possible to learn.

Besides, everyone posses already some skills related to online marketing. You are promoting daily in your private life, to your nearest one or others. How often did you write, draw, sing, recite, do, tell, help and so forth in your private life, offline? What do you do best? What are your talents? Whenever you say to somebody else about the great movie or a book you have, you are promoting. You are developing your marketing skills.

So, don't worry about marketing skills. You have them. What about Specific technical skills, you may ask? Well, the fact you are reading this article, it tells me you are skilled already. The rest you will learn.

3) Knowledge

Another critical issue of many online marketers, especially the newbies! You are knowledgable in many things; You need to discover them and get conscious about your expertise. Do you have your agree? Do you think you need it? What is your expertise? What kind of experience do you have? The best knowledge consists of two parts: theory and praxis. One without another doesn't build the best insight? Which one I more importantly? The praxis builts theory and the argument is based on experiences and researches written down and made it achievable to others through words.

What do you prefer more? What kind of person are you? Person of action and praxis or theory? Please write it down and become conscious about one or another, or about both.

Very soon you will discover your perfect knowledge. Share it, and you will become an expert in no time. Make it relevant to your business, and it is a way to go.

4) Assets

You have them already. All you need is your domain name, website and hosting account. It would be best for your business if you choose the modern, fast, reliable, fully protected, affordable one with excellent support available 24/7/365. You have it all here at WA! Use it to your advantage! As with any other asset you possess, treat it well. Take care of your asset, and it can only reward you.

5) Budget

You know the refrain from the song "Money" of famous Swedish Pop group (the group of my youth, he, he) "ABBA," that says: "Money. Money: Money, must be funny in the reach men's world!" Fortunately, you don't need to reach to succeed online. You don't need even to have much money. You don't need even to invest a substantial amount of money, but, you need to invest a certain amount. That is clear. Nothing comes from nothing, so the success as well. Maybe the universe came from "nothing," form the "black holes" but are you a Universe? We belong to it, but the Universe is above us.

So, focus on resources you have, plan it properly and invest as you grow. We agree that any offline business needs a specific investment. So the one online as well. Regardless, if you invest in assets, marketing outsourcing or other stuff, plan it properly and let your business grow.

6) Time

Another fundamental and tedious issue for almost every online marketer. Proper time management, dedicated time. Free time, working time, resting time, micro-time, macro-time, short period, middle period, long - term period, so many periods, times, management. Are you lost in your time? It all starts with simple daily planning and repetition of this schedule. The solution is in "repetition!" Yes, repetition, How the heck has the repetition to do with time? Simple, plan your day correctly and repeat it over the week. Rest for one day. Plan your time for resting as well. Rest your hands, back, body, mind from writing, promoting, planning. Rest from preparing as well. Do what you like, have time to relax and enjoy life. It will help you to plan better and to use the time to work correctly.

7) Expectation

Don't over exaggerate. Be realistic. However, be motivated and set goals. Practical means plan what you can achieve at a particular moment according to your skill, knowledge, dedicated time and resources. You can't run 10 seconds on 100 m if you are running 11 in reality. You can't jump 2 meters high if you jump just 40 cm. Same with an online business. If you want to gro, grow stepwise. Improve your running speed and jump height according to your final status and training and try to improve continuously. Internet is such a media you can accelerate and leverage your business tremendously if you do it properly.

Use that possibility and adjust your expectations. It will help you to remain real and on ten right track.

8) The Production process

I could talk about productivity for hours. It is a broad subject but summarized it in just two words: be passionate. It will keep you productive, which is the motor of your business?

9) The Competitions

You can't avoid competition. Period. It is around us; it is within us. You are the competitor, so are the others. Your final task is to become competitive and to beat your competitions. How? It is not easy. The online marketing business game is enormous. The whole worldwide online audience is competing against you. Can you stand that pressure? Overdelivering, determination, persistence, what is more important? Judge for yourself. The main message here competition is there, and it will stay forever. There are two ways how you can beat it:

- become better
- keep fighting

Indeed, there are strategies and techniques on how to milder, lower and win the competition, but whatever you do you need to b better. Overdelivering is one way to go, and the other is that too builds high-quality content. Be competitive, and you will become a competition for others.

Train yourself and work hard. Find your competitive place in the online marketing arena. Become "online marketing gladiator!"

10) Motivation

To succeed, as in any other endeavor or project, the motivation is another wheel of productivity and success. Keep it up. Stay motivated. If that will help you, create your moto. It is a simple technique, but it can help. Create your slogan. Whenever you "fall in the gap or have a hard time" think why did you start it at all. "Activate" your passion! Use it as your main motor; let your passion motivate you. Create your system to keep you motivated. Set goals and define steps for their accomplishment. Go step by step. Smaller achievements will motivate you to go on. Remember: "the Chinese wall consists of small constructive pieces-bricks!"

The humans consist of the smallest cells. The Universe comprises billions of stars and bodies. In a nutshell, all big things rely on smaller parts. The skyscrapers rise on smaller pieces. The whole, more significant portion of content contains smaller elements like paragraphs, sentences words, and single letters.

In the same manner, why would not your motivation rely on smaller achievements, built step by step? Create the "bigger picture" and your masterpiece by taking care of the critical smaller pieces of the whole? However, never lose insight into the whole.

So, create your moto, focus on step-by-step smaller accomplishments and keep going.

Every journey starts with the first single, small step and adds steps after step.

If you are wan to accomplish jour journey of building an online business enjoy in every step you make and keep walking if you can run as well. Decide if you want to be a sprinter, middle distance or marathon runner. It is up to you and your motivation.

There you have it!

The ten points you can't avoid using them to your advantage.

Let me know what you think. I would be more than happy to open the discussion.

Moreover, please, if you liked the content, leave a comment below. Could you share it with friends? Maybe, they will love it as well.


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PMindra Premium
Hi Igor.
Is this a tutorial?
Duckman4 Premium
here is a post that cuts to the heart of the nine marketing endeavor. It's not get rich fast and it's not open a website and the masses will flock to yo. It is a business to be sure. A business can one succeed if the planning, investment, structure and management is properly attended to. All of what you have expressed in your post is relevant. Not just for newbies but also for those folks here that have been engaged for several months and perhaps years. These principals are universally applicable to every entrepreneur. However, for those like me who are just starting out, these words of advice and wisdom are particularly relevant. Thank you so much for putting this out there. I think everyone should read and head your words. Success is a journey that has no ending. there is no finish line. Only the next level of endeavor. I hope everyone will read this and comment. It's really valuable.
ExpatMark Premium
Great post Igor. "Be passionate" is the one point that resonates
with me. Love what you are doing, help others along the way, and money will come.
PaulREvans57 Premium
Yup, I face these every day! My demons!
Nadia27 Premium
Truth.... every thing is included in the 10 points.
Sometimes what I lack is motivation, because I don't know if my work is good or can make a good impression on visitors. I guess time will tell.