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Many people struggle with consistency. It is an idea that is not welcome all the time, but it is essential for your prosperity, success, and high achievement. We can say that to be consistent means also that you took a firm decision to achieve some goals which can in the end even change your life tremendously for good.

To be consistent means that you need to repeat particular behavior or action regularly. To be consistent requires not to skip the task you need to do. Somebody calls execution or undertaking of regular work as a habit.

A habit is something you build up. If you stop building your practice by being inconsistent you need to start all over again what I'm sure you certainly don't want if you're building your own business or doing some other essential tasks that you need to accomplish in a certain of time.

There are other qualities associated with consistency, like the determination, patience, strong will, organizational skill, and regularity.

Consistency Will Help You To Create Strong Belief! And Vice Versa!

Make your belief much stronger just because you stay focused and on the truck, patiently and continuously working on your goals.

Consistency is required actually in any field that you want to succeed, regardless of online or offline. Flexibility is a critical attitude, and I can say a tool, mentally tool, that many athletes, musicians, painters, writers, builders, and other people with different professions are using to achieve success.

Even online marketers need to be consistent to gain success. They need to promote regularly, to send their emails, to answer the questions, to write comments, to create products and offer services, to continually support their customers.

If they would not be consistent in their undertakings, over a. more extended period, they would probably not achieve expected success.

Consistency Is A “Building Block” Of Success!

I'm sure that everybody agrees on that great success is not achievable without consistent effort.

There are numerous examples in any area apply when consistency is needed to succeed. Even if you want to lose your weight, you need to be consistent. However, if your mindset doesn't allow you too create daily habits and put all of your efforts in achieving the set goals you will have much harder to accomplish your goals.

Working hard every day is not easy. We know that. Creating such a habit is even more difficult. It requires the right amount of positive thinking and determination to achieve that level of consistency.

It is possible only if you daily training yourself to repeat your tasks with effort and required motivation.

There are many methods of how you can train yourself and motivate at the same time to accomplish your tasks daily.

Consistency Starts In Your Mind And Good Organization. Create A plan You Can Follow Daily! Be Persistent!

I mentioned earlier that consistency starts in your mind, which creates your thoughts, words, actions.

To make your decisions more comfortable, and to train your mind to stay focused, the terminated and motivated, a straightforward strategy you can Implement daily to achieve consistency, is to create a simple list of the tasks you have to do for the day.

The list must contain all the tasks to the whole day without any exception, by listing the most important ones on the top.

The list must be visible to you for the whole day. It is your reminder which you should read for the entire day. Accomplish the most important tasks earlier as possible, without being disrupted or distracted from others.

Let It Be The List Your Best Friend, Daily! Until You Achieve Consistency!

The list will be your best friend that day. If you leave home, you can even take the list with yourself. You can also write notes on your smartphone. The file will be your trainer. It will not allow your mind to get lazy, or also motivated you to forget about the vital task of the day.

Regardless of the goals or results achieved, by training yourself to be consistent, you are building up your character qualities and preparing yourself for better results in the future.

Stick to this strategy, daily, for as long as needed to make things easier for you. By becoming consistent, you will be able to plan things better, to execute them more accessible, to stay on the track of your success for a long time in front of you.

It is a kind of exercise — daily exercising. Practice every day, and you will become the master of your consistency.

Online Marketing And Making Money Online Need Consistency!

The same thing happens with online marketing and making money online. You need to be consistent and accomplish the tasks required. You have to train yourself, to exercise.

Whatever you do you need to be motivated, and if you love what you do, it'll be easier for you to keep the consistency and to work toward your success.

Maybe you want to write the blog; perhaps you wish to participate in various forums, you want to share articles, create videos, your product or service, maybe you want to promote as an affiliate marketer, in all these activities you need to be consistent, motivated and focused on succeeding.

Be Consistent And Focused! Follow The Plan! Create Your Personal Guide!

You have to determine your goal and consistently focused on its achievement.

If you need some help on your way of becoming consistent, don't hesitate to ask. Do some modifications on your daily tasks if you need, maybe want to track your progress what will tremendously help you to achieve consistency, but never forget why did you start your work and why do you need to stay consistent to make it.


By having a good daily plan of your activities and creating a list of your most and less important tasks will help you to stay organized and to make your routine more enjoyable and more comfortable to undertake.

There is an old saying which says: "consistency leads to success!" It is true. The house, the temple, China's wall would never exist without consistency. The best-written story in the world, the best music song, the best picture, the best sports result, rising a child, finishing the school, and all other possible tasks that require a certain amount of time and effort rely on consistency.

Consistency is achievable by stepping into the right mindset of belief and attitude what will build your character and make you a great achiever.

Online marketing is the same, requires a great attitude and set up off your mind what we have created high power and motor of your achievement.

Do your task regularly, track of progress and be satisfied with every stead you made forward your success. If you need first start walking, then running and finally sprinting.

Work on your consistency every day until you create your habit of persistence and then keep it up we do proper planning and creating lists that will guide you whenever you feel unmotivated unfocused.

In other words, you need to stay active, patient, and keep working on your goals also in the times that seem very difficult or extremely exhausting to you.

Stay firm and resolute in achieving your goals. Let your spirit guide you in the right direction.

Best regards,


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laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Igor,

I am doing my best to stay glued to my websites.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
MichalB Premium
Great Post Igor,

It is very challenging to stay focused and be consistent especially when you feel exhausted.
It may sound strange, but I believe that we are never so exhausted as we may think.
I mean there is still enough energy to go on and continue on your task.
Well, I know – easy to say, right?
I am guilty as well. And sometimes I feel weak to force myself to keep on going.

I would love to be master of my conscious decisions, but for time being, I am not.

What I try to do when I feel exhausted (while f.e. I create content)
- I do some push ups or some squats. Or I take 10-20 minutes power nap. Or walk..
- > I intend somehow to change the biochemistry in my body.

In many cases it works and I can be creative for additional hour or so.

In few cases it does not work, and then I just go to simpler tasks like - sharing my existing content to FB, or Twiter, or read blogs, going through existing content..

I believe that with increasing content on my website and thus the income, my energy will raise and I will be much more motivated to stay focused and be consistent.

Again, Thanks Igor
Your post is definitely helpful
Suzay Premium Plus
Igor, that covered just about everything. I really needed to see that post. It's kind of like moving your intention into a solid place where dreams can be achieved, a sane place. It maybe a bit boring at times, but repetitive gets the job done. It's a refuge from everything else in life that seems to dash away in all directions, chaos included. I want to come back and learn more from you!
Thankyou, Suzay
MKearns Premium
Sometimes it just takes placing one foot before the other
Wdcope Premium
Igor, I agree in the fact consistency is needed in everything to be successful. A long time ago at a seminar for sales, a speaker who I can't recall right now said a very important quote I remember to this day. " Do the correct activities correctly long enough and you will achieve the goals you set for yourself"

In the last 40 years I have repeated this to many who I have managed or encouraged when the going seemed very difficult to them. Even consistent behavior will not work without doing it correctly, but it is a good place to be daily while learning the correct way.
Good post and a reminder of an important process towards success!
Suzay Premium Plus
Bill I really like, " Even consistent behavior will not work without doing it correctly, but it is a good place to be daily while learning the correct way." WA is a safe place with great folks like you around. There are so many people here with helpful hearts. I'm grateful for you all. And thanks Bill!