IM Hamster - Working My Wheel

Last Update: July 24, 2010

I've been on a roll lately, taking action and accomplishing a lot on my To Do Task list. I found an added boost of  motivation when I created my IM Business Plan. Being inspired with clear cut goals, I have been running on full steam for the last few days. 

It is good to see results, making goals come alive before your eyes. Results that progress into the realization of bigger dreams.

But, with anything can come another kind of results. Burnout and regression to old habits. 

My main obstacle has been the great number of info, of emails that I receive daily. And the disorder of files on my laptop and on my desk and around my work space.

Let's face it. Pack rats don't turn a new leaf and become hardworking hamsters over night. But I took a deep breath and just simply told myself to cut my losses and start unsubscribing and NOT checking out any new leads, no new subscriptions. If it doesn't support my present campaigns, then I don't need it. 

And also, to continue to simplify what I need now and file away all the rest - out of sight, out of mind. Presently, my inboxes are almost bare, but with relevant incoming mail. And my laptop desktop and around my work space is becoming free of distractions and unnecessary files. Opening more space for what I really need and work for, all in support of my IM plan.

Who knew that I was held hostage and fed on high on email and disorder? My own self subscribed prison. No more. I'm unsubscribing off on this addicted vice.

Warning: Overloaded pellets of email information from self proclaimed IM gurus and every IM wanna be's...BEWARE!!!

I'm going to run my wheel of a plan like a good hamster and try not to let my pack rat tendencies show too much. I must say, since joining WA, I'm getting good at focusing on what needs to be done and carrying them through to the end, but more so on distinguishing what is the right information for now and letting all the rest fall out of perspective. 

I still have much to do and I am feeling good about it all. Results are anything that leads me to my eventual goal/s. No matter how small, if it puts me an inch ahead of where I stood a moment ago, it is success. I'm much more  grateful for the many little successes of late! And more so, I feel great - continuing to do what I set out to do on my own terms. 

It is in learning from those that I come into contact with that I find wisdom, motivation and inspired plan/s to go forth and take action, to conquer my own small corner of IM world. 

This IM hamster is doing good and running on high. Of course, I'll lay off the wheel every now and then to relax and just enjoy my day.

Much thanks everyone - keep working your own IM wheels on positve high and check back to see what's up for this particular IM'ster!




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PMV Premium
I second every line of this post Faith :) I too am becoming more focused, able to sort the 'this is great now' from the 'not needed now so hit delete - no regrets'. A funny thing I am finding in WA is my voice, I mean my real voice. My internet marketing to make money is still really quite urgent but I seem to be more at peace with myself using IM and especially WA to really bring out me. I'm pretty sure this will turn out to be a the hidden gem of my joining WA. For all its little imperfections I'd liken WA to the perfect soil in which the little seed of me can germinate and grow. So that has to be a BIG thanks to my buddies and the community and K&C for constructing it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to reflect on this Faith.
moonvine Premium
Yeah, Faith! One of my goals for the next month (27 days to new habit, right?) is to always go to bed with my computer area clear of clutter. Walking into my office facing a mess does not help my creativity! and oh yes, that email inbox -- I have worked on my inbox all during July. I think it is almost manageable now! :)
Pepper Guy Premium
Hiya iFaith.....One good thing about hamsters is after the wheel , they takes time to clean house of all the distractors..but the end result is , well..fabulous. As they said back in the day..Keep on Truckin'...Peace, Barnabus
jatdebeaune Premium
Haha Faith. Congratulations on unsubscribing to the inbox hustle. It's lots of work, just unsubscribing to all that stuff. It really does rob one of focus. I hit the delete button every week, but I need to unsubscribe to all of it. Will save time in the long run. Hope you get some rest today. Hamsters are wonderful animals.