The "trouble" with freelancing

Last Update: March 19, 2017

Around May or June of last year I heard about Upwork through someone here. I gave it a try and found that I could be pretty successful with it freelancing part time. I got a ton of work! The problem is that i have been so busy writing for other people I have completely dropped the ball on the work I was doing here. My goal is to now try and get back into it. Ironically, I have written a crazy amount of camping articles...not one, however, was for my site!!

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ContentBySue Premium
I know your frustration! I've done lots of writing for others but not one thing I could claim as my own. I'm glad you found success on Upwork. I tried it to no avail. I am sure you will find the balance you need between working for others and doing work for yourself. I wish you the best of everything.
Marith Premium
I understand your problem, I have been doing freelance work since December, and had no time to post on my site since then. But when I make over 1000 dollar a week, it's hard to stop.

I don't write, I translate, but it is easy money, and I am only able to do what I do now because of what I have learned here at WA. Some of the translations are done straight on the website, and without WA I would not be able to do that.
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Hi Ilyssa, great to hear from you, this is one of those types of trade off's you will encounter in online business. While it's great to write from home and earn money, the fact is, as you pointed out, you're not really investing into your own business but someone else's.

However, on a positive note, think of all the money you made conveniently and how much experience you've earned from writing which will transfer over to your own work now and how much more productive and better it'll be ;)
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi IIyssa, good to see you, it can be hard finding that balance, best wishes as you get back to your own site.
Kipps Premium
Why not find a balance? Write 2 blogs for others and use 30% or so of your earnings from there to outsource your writing. I read a blog or comment from someone who said she freelance for others and earn $200 per article. From that, she re-invested and outsourced $50 / article for her own site. If I am a native English speaker I would like to do that. But I have no confidence, my writing is not to the standard compared to native speakers'. Like website comments policy at WA, write 2 comments and get back one. A plus for your website, and increase ranking inside WA at the same time. Kyle and Carson have brilliant ideas for us.