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Around May or June of last year I heard about Upwork through someone here. I gave it a try and found that I could be pretty successful with it freelancing part time. I got a ton of work! The problem is that i have been so busy writing for other people I have completely dropped the ball on the work I was doing here. My goal is to now try and get back into it. Ironically, I have written a crazy amount of camping articles...not one, however, was for my site!!
January 01, 2017
Has anyone had trouble loading photos? When I try to load them, I get a note that there is an HTTP error. Any ideas how to get photos loaded? I have written a new post for my site, but I would like the photos to be included.
I have been considering doing this for some website on camping and hiking has not really been successful monetarily though I love it. To make extra money I have been writing blog articles for Upwork and that is going quite well. I am looking at developing my own writing service website so that I can get clients directly. Has anyone else done this? Any ideas or advice? I have a vague recollection of someone here doing this and would love some guidance. Thank you!
I started my site a year ago and admit that about 8 or 9 months in I sort of threw my hands up. I still posted on my blog, but I discovered Upwork and started freelancing to earn money. That has been successful and I am building up a client base. A friend of my went online through my site and placed an order. When I went onto Amazon to see if her sale had actually come through, I saw that someone bought a tent through my page and I had earned money!! I am pumped! This is the motivation I needed
July 12, 2016
I posted a bit ago about getting freelance gigs through Upwork. I wanted to check back in and report that things are starting to take off! I am excited (and maybe a bit overwhelmed). One thing that has been cool is that I am able to refer potential clients to my site that I developed through WA. So my efforts here really are paying off, as I am getting jobs due to what people see on my site! How cool is that? I have now earned back all I have spent on WA so far over the last ten months. I highl
I have yet to have anyone make a purchase on my site, despite a ton of work. I love my site though and will keep working on it. I doubt it will ever generate much income, but it has been a great experience. I may try another site and see if I have better luck.One thing I have found is a site called Upwork, where you can apply to do all sorts of writing jobs. I am writing posts for other people's blogs and getting paid for the them! There are all different topics and I have been writing regular
I had 51 visits to my site yesterday. This is my highest to date!! I usually hover around 10-15. I was pretty excited to see that : )
May 18, 2016
I have sort of given up on getting "clicks" on Amazon as it gets depressing logging in and seeing yet again that I have had none. But today, I logged in and found that I had 11 clicks yesterday. Wow!! I have never had 11 clicks before!! I am super excited (as if that was not obvious!). Hopefully I will see a sale soon!
May 14, 2016
I just noticed that my site health went from "good" to "awesome". I did not even know that it could change to say that. Just something fun that made me smile : )
May 14, 2016
As a follow up to yesterday's post...I had my biggest day of visitors yesterday with 42. It was so exciting to see this on google analytics