I am amazed!

Last Update: July 12, 2016

I posted a bit ago about getting freelance gigs through Upwork. I wanted to check back in and report that things are starting to take off! I am excited (and maybe a bit overwhelmed). One thing that has been cool is that I am able to refer potential clients to my site that I developed through WA. So my efforts here really are paying off, as I am getting jobs due to what people see on my site! How cool is that? I have now earned back all I have spent on WA so far over the last ten months. I highly recommend giving this a try if you genuinely love to write, which I do.

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AchuthanN1 Premium
Sounds interesting. Glad you are finding it worthwhile.
JudeP Premium
Great progress, well done :)
paulgoodwin Premium
That sound Telly great and happy for you - I hate to write personally as I get pains from sitting behind a screen - poor old back!!!
karagrace80 Premium
bjdluna Premium
Wow! That is so great! What kind of gigs are you getting thru upwork? That works out really great for promoting your website too!