Post 200 Words a Day OR 1500 Words Once a Week?

Last Update: November 01, 2019

I have got this idea to post 200 words a day on my site and call it 'My Random Ramblings' rather than a much longer article of 1500 words posted weekly. As an example here is todays mini post.....

'November 5th, which is Bonfire Night in the UK, is fast approaching. Guy Fawkes Night,

as it is also known. marks the anniversary of a plot to blow up the

Houses of Parliament in London in 1605. The celebrations include

firework displays and the lighting of bonfires. Sadly these bonfires can

threaten the lives of one of our most endangered species….hedgehogs.

They crawl into the bottom of bonfires thinking that they have found a

nice cosy place for their winter hibernation. Hedgehogs are very close

to our hearts as several of these delightful creatures visit our garden

each evening in search of food, which we are happy to put out for them.

So we urge you to check under your bonfire before lighting it to make

sure that our spiky friends are not endangered'.

This approach flies in the face of SEO advice to publish longer posts. Should I combine my daily Random Ramblings into a single post published weekly? What do you think.

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Noteboom Premium
I would take one post with 1500 words. There is not necessary prove for it but my experience have been better with longer posts. But with special method I will write a training about soon, I hope, I have had good experience with smaller posts too but when I talk about a small post I was talking about 750-800 words as minimum. You get more keywords around it too.
Aussiemuso Premium
An interesting experiment. So glad you are reminding everyone to care for the hedgehogs. They are very cute.

Lily 😊
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Split test the results for yourself
JeffreyBrown Premium
Some people might argue that the longer version is preferable, and they may be right, but in my opinion, if the 200 words is relevant content, you might do just as well. If I'm wrong then I'm certain some of the more learned members here will correct me. Either way, I hope you find the answer!!