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Last Update: December 06, 2019

How's everyone doing this Holiday Season? I hope you're doing well and working hard on your sites; while enjoying family and friends. The holidays are great for getting together and spreading holiday cheer; but they are also great for us affiliate marketers.

Every year the total number of gifts purchased online rise, increasing sales while paying out more commission to affiliates. If you are a veteran online, you already know this. If you are a beginner, you should have some idea of this, but of course don't be discouraged if you don't pull in giant holiday commissions your first year. I am working on my 3rd holiday season and finally starting to see numbers that I am happy to talk about.

Amazon commissions are real, a lot of people can vouch for me on that. Amazon commissions that pay higher are all based on the type of items you are selling.

I currently run a toy site that works at 3% commission from Amazon... This is something that I was really not aware of when I first started my site. My highest sale came in this month at a little over $400, this landed me a nearly a $12 commission. The way Amazon records sales and earning is a bit confusing to me still, but the main point I want to make is, if I was selling higher commission products, I could be making more profit. Just want newer affiliates to realize this quicker than I did. My main thought with Amazon, at first, was the 24-hour cookie that made commission on any Amazon sale site wide.

I have made about $26 in the last 4 days, that's the most I've ever made on Amazon, which is impressive to me! I've been making around $5-15 a month from commissions in the cents. Never have I been discouraged, I have only strived to learn more and continue to climb the mountain of success.

I've created multiple sites since starting WA, made commissions from Wealthy Affiliate and Amazon, made AdSense income, been paid by a restaurant for creating their site, and went back to school for 2 business AAS's (I finish up in March). Never doubt your progress; always learn from it.

I wrote a post that connects a lot of good Amazon Trainings for anyone currently involved with Amazon Associates or looking to start. I really just want to climb to the top while helping those who are willing to accept it.

Top Amazon Revenue Tips and Trainings

I'm happy with the way my commissions are increasing and I will continue to promote my site to see even more! I currently rank number 1 for one of my pages and on the first page for several others. I also run a semi active Facebook and Instagram Page for my site. Currently, looking into toy influencers for increasing my audience.

I have a long way to go until I hit the $1,000,000 goal, but every day is a new day for progress!

I hope this post was able to motivate you to continue your efforts no matter how little the progress, the more you work, the more you learn. Apply what you learn and grow!

Thanks for reading.

Let me know if I can answer any questions or if this was just a motivation for you to push harder.

I hope you have a great rest of your day and push for progress at every aspect.


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Debbie46 Premium
Thanks for sharing Kenny. It is really motivating. Wishing you more successes.
Huffman Premium
My pleasure, Debbie. I hope to stay motivational and continue my success! Thanks for reading! :)
StPaul Premium
Congrats and thanks for sharing!
Huffman Premium
StPaul, thanks you! Glad you enjoyed my post. :)
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Kenny,

I think you are doing great. So much hay on your fork and finger in many pies, boy, I get tired by just reading about it.
Congratulations on this and on the total you have achieved so far.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

Huffman Premium
Thank you very much, Taetske. I have never heard that saying before, I like new sayings! :)

Lots more to do, with much to celebrate. Have a great rest of your day! :)
CMKetay Premium
That's awesome, Kenny! Way to go!
Huffman Premium
Thanks, Christine! I have lots more to achieve! I wish you the best in your online journey! :)