Bounce Rate Is Going Down!

Last Update: Jan 10, 2018


Just wanted to throw a quick update to anyone that follows my progress. I'm not a millionaire yet, but I took my bounce rate from 75% down to 23% on

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this website stuff! ;)

I have ads on my site that are earning me some revenue everyday, not much about $0.25 a day, but its a start. SiteSupport told me about some server issue after I told them about a huge drop in traffic, but my traffic is climbing back up, I'm improving my reviews everyday to encourage engagement and I'm still getting over 50 Google searches a day, I'm not complaining, but still looking for more sales!

All my Amazon Banners now have a whole paragraph explaining the banner and where it leads to. That has increased my Amazon Clicks from about 5 a day to about 15. Little improvements are showing lots of results!

Just an update, more to come!

Thanks for reading,

Future Millionaire!

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Good job Kenny! You will get there. You already have more traffic than I do!

Thanks Jessica! No doubt we both will! Can't stop now! :)

I look at any type of improvement even a small slight improvement as an accomplishment. Congrats and I hope the best for you your goals and dreams.

Thanks Matt! Accomplishments are what keep me going, I try to accomplish something everyday, something that improves my future! :)

I Like your title at the bottom sir, go get em!

Its a process, but I got time, nothing but time! Work and more work to build my empire! :)

That's what you do Kenny. Keep them from springing away~

Give your readers something they want to read! :)

There are many things we have to understand about bounce rates. Two of my sites have reached zero. Now, one has normalized but the other one is now in 3. something.

Your site is much better than mine when it comes to traffic.

The more content you have and the more interesting, seems to keep readers longer. My posts are more engaging and longer now, must be the factor! Keep creating content and adding! :)

Awesome job Kenny! It always feels good to see progress. Very motivation stuff.


To start with nothing and watch the progress is some pretty cool stuff! Motivation to work harder! Keep going! :)

More Progress To Come!

I know exactly what you mean as I am also seeing progress with sales, traffic and my site overall. I am very confident I will reach my goals with this. Good luck to you!

Great news Kenny! Well done and thanks for sharing. Mark

Thanks Mark! More to come! :)

Your site is really good, I love it. I really like how you write reviews. It really makes me think that I can add to my own reviews. Thank you so much for sharing, this is awesome.

Can you explain some more about your Amazon banners? I am not quite following that. I see you have a link to your sales page with all of your Amazon links, from your review post, and you have a link on the individual review to Amazon.

Its taken me over a year to prefect my review writing skills to this stage. I started out with supplement reviews, then make money sites, but I find Nerf Guns the most fun! ;)

I plan to go back to the others at some point to improve, but after I get this site standing on its own with profit coming in. Found out jumping between sites wasn't the best idea... Sticking to this one for now, with PPC for my WA referral site. :)

You are doing great, keep it up :)

I have been here for a while, but not actually doing any meaningful work until the past couple of months LOL. I am slow, but getting better.

Never stop getting better!

Looks like you're going in the right direction.

Do you mean that there are problems with the servers where our sites are, Kenny?

Yea mine has been wacky last few weeks. Actually about to contact support. Mine went down recently.

I'm not entirely sure, I had a spike of over 300 Google clicks on Christmas then down to 50s after that, they claimed it was fixed, but it could be that no one is searching Nerf Guns this time of year, now that Christmas is just ended? More time will tell.

I have had problems with a site here for the past couple of weeks too. I don't think this will do traffic any good.

One of my sites is monitored by Pingdom, and they keep sending me emails that this site is down... That's not good news for me at all.

Did you contact SiteSupport? What did they say?

I haven't contacted them yet, no.

This is awesome. Congrats man. Have you tried using FB ads. When I post new blogs, I just spend a buck. It helps

I have actually, I boost a post every now and then, its showing results. Ive ran a few actual ads, but for the commission off its really not worth the boost when no when makes a purchase.. Google is my main traffic right now.

Are you pretty good at Facebook Ads? I try mostly for my WA referral site, but its a lot of spending with no return...

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