What Country Are You From?

Last Update: Oct 27, 2017


Hello World...Welcome To Wealthy Affiliate(:

A post for members and their worldwide countries here at wealthy affiliate, to try to get an idea of where people are coming from, as they try to integrate at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Global Countries and its many varied members, are invited to share their unique country of origin, where they are operating from, to make other members,and especially, the newcomers to Wealthy Affiliate global community, feeling right at home.

Nothing better than to share with a couple of newfound friends, from either live chat or through other comment related platforms, and share about local stuff from your home country.

We from "down under" Oceania, Australia and New Zealand have many members and are very well represented in affiliate marketing at WA.

As the world shrinks both literally and metaphorically, we have many incredible new opportunities to be part of the IT revolution, and we haven't even begun yet(:

As wealthy affiliates, we can now, on daily basis, influence people's work related destinations, by introducing WA and its superb membership platform, and empower them to reach out and reproduce their own effort and journey.

Many people are literally being lifted from dire poverty to a successful way of living.

We,in the western world, are often blaise about most forms of online business, either want all the goodies for nothing, and with very little effort on the learning side of the business, where people from other parts of the globe are totally bemused over the lack of enthusiasm,for such a vast variety of online opportunities, passing by regularly, without us taking these business model serious.

So, we need to remind ourselves of the smoregaas board of tutorials here at wealthy affiliates, and start implement the various stages to make ourselves as successful as possible, and pay it forward to newbies.

So, please let's find out where you live and how wealthy affiliate can empower you and your country(:

Cheers & blessings,




Recent Comments


Hi all I’m from the UK although looking forward to travelling more once my WA life is in full swing x

I'm from The Netherlands, now living in Curaçao... a small island in the Caribbean

hallo(: great to hear from you(:

I am from Sierra Leone and now a missionary in Uganda.

My daughter spent a short time on mission trip in Uganda and Mozambique(:

Stay close brother(:

The Highlands of Scotland born and raised my friend! :)

Hi Stevie, thank you mate, great place, I come originally from Denmark. My two granddaughters are in Scotland right now(:

Australia, Eric :)

G'day Carol(:

Hello Eric. I'm from the UK. I've lived and worked in the USA, Israel and New Zealand. Think I'm grounded back in the UK for good however I do travel abroad every week with my job.

Hi Tony, good to see you(:

Interesting when you ask these questions to a mostly multi-cultured World?

World traveler, see you around(:


I can uproot quite easily and live in another country at the drop of a hat. In fact, I have lived in three different countries. Each country I have lived in has a special place in my heart.

My adult children have moved around the world which gives me an excuse to visit my gorgeous grandchildren.

I have made good friends and we keep in touch regularly, it's an amazing feeling to meet up with like-minded friends across the miles. With Wealthy Affiliate, I can work anywhere.

Thank you for sharing Rich, always great to hear from people and especially how blessed they are living in great countries around the world.

We came from Denmark to Australia a long time ago, but have our family and grandchildren living around us(:

Cheers & blessings to you all...

Great to hear Mike(: How are you? Where are you from??

USA Maryland!

Great place I hear(: Thank you, Mike.


Thank Khoula, great to see, so many Canadians here, one of my favorite countries very much like people wise(:


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