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October 26, 2017
Hello World...Welcome To Wealthy Affiliate(:A post for members and their worldwide countries here at wealthy affiliate, to try to get an idea of where people are coming from, as they try to integrate at Wealthy Affiliate.Wealthy Affiliate Global Countries and its many varied members, are invited to share their unique country of origin, where they are operating from, to make other members,and especially, the newcomers to Wealthy Affiliate global community, feeling right at home.Nothing better th
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate...For some time I have had the privilege to partake in welcoming newcomers, to our amazing Wealthy Affiliate community... What pleasure to "land" on the highly sought after membership platform, with people from all over the world, actually participating in, and helping each other with achieving online business success, through affiliate marketing!No where else, have I ever seen such transparency and a totally selflessness, almost sacrificial mode of time and effort
How I Achieved Top 200 ranking in 6 weeks! Thank you to all!I set out to be the very best I could be, by following the training, step by step, and apply all my acquired learning, from excellent videos and tutorials, at wealthy affiliate University.I see many new members, who are impatient and in such a hurry to make some quick money, without helping themselves to the most amazingly Affiliate marketing membership, online.I should know, as I have been online since 2008, with mixed re
Hi From Australia(:Are you brand new to online business?Are you a newbie to affiliate marketing?Are you frustrated and confused seeking to earn extra money?Have you been scammed, cheated, duped by so called online gurus?Are you willing to try just one more avenue of being part of a successful educational team?Glad you are!You see over 900.000 people, from all over the world, like yourself, are members of the most advanced membership platform on earth!The free membership gives you the opportunit
Welcome to our Wealthy Affiliate (WA)Family(:Whether you're a free member or thinking of becoming Premium member, it's essential to start off the right way!Often when sharing in Live Chat, new members are bombarding the poor chat board with all kind of questions, which if you go to the training portal, all questions are laid out step-by-step, with amazingly simply and easy to follow tutorials and relevant videos for all aspect of WA and how to become a successful affiliate marketer.It doesn't
Affiliate marketing at its best, the cheque arrives!(:Cheers & blessingsEricHosannaBizAustralia
I want to share a post this morning, at least here in Australia!This post was about wanting to know how to opt-out of WA...I so could identify with this dear man, as I did a similar opt-out some years ago from a very well know membership site similar to WA and also situated in beautiful Canada.I honestly invested so much time , money and effort trying to make a success out of my chosen websites.Unfortunately, I skipped too many training sessions, wanting to typically "open the gadget "and play
G'day from Australia...We often get bombarded with spam and unwanted messages, some good, but most totally outlandishly misleading, whenever we seek to help people, genuinely, make extra money online...Unfortunately, even government now have regular warnings, about common scams, fleecing, especially, the elderly and vulnerable folks, for many thousands of hard earned dollars. I was helping many seniors, and for that matter all ages of people, who had fallen victims to local, but mainly internat