Assessing My Performance In February 2018

Last Update: March 01, 2018

It's Saint David's Day today :-), a day of leeks and daffodils (if you are Welsh), a new month, and time for me to assess how I did in February...

I have two sets of regular targets, monthly targets, and daily profit targets for my online business, as I explained in my post at the beginning of February:

February is always a challenging month for me.

I work offline as a freelance English teacher, and the beginning of February finds me finishing off several college courses, marking end of term exams and giving grades, setting the coming academic year's syllabus for some of my courses...

And then I have to do my tax returns...

This year, I got all of that done and dusted by the earliest possible day, 16th of February.

WA Coaching

While all that was going on, I was also working on Bo Tipton's GoGetter group tasks for one blog, and Kyle's Super WA Affiliate tasks for another blog.

Yes, I know they tell me that I should only work on one blog, but I'm launching a new e-book with a business associate of mine, and that needs a new blog!

Meanwhile, I have to keep on running my primary blog. I am finding that the two training courses are working well together, one on one blog and one on the other!

Here are my Regular Monthly Performance Categories:

  1. Body (3 achievement targets)
  2. Mind (2 achievement targets)
  3. Money (3 achievement targets)
  4. Lending/Giving (2 achievement targets)
  5. Blogging (5 achievement targets)
  6. Affiliate Marketing (4 achievement targets)

My Daily Profit Target for February was $20 a day, up $5 on January.

So How Did I Do In February 2018?

  • "Regular Monthly Targets" Performance = 53% (Jan = 71%)
  • "Daily Profit Target" Performance = 31% (Jan = 38%)


The Reckoning

BODY: I only did half of my physical fitness goals in February. I slackened off in the middle of the month. I missed two opportunities to achieve my fitness goals.

MIND: One of these goals is to read two books a month. I read a LOT during February, but I'm reading Clarissa by Samuel Richardson, an early English epistolary novel, notoriously LONG, even in abridged versions.

Clarissa being abducted by the rake, Lovelace...

I'm reading an abridged version which is 786 pages long, of which I read 464 pages in February, but score ZERO because I failed to finish reading ONE, let alone two books! LOL!

BLOGGING: If I had made one more video, posted some more blogs here on WA, and broadcast to my mailing list and posted one more blog post, I would have hit all my targets, instead, I only achieved 50% in this category.

HOWEVER, I spent a lot of time writing and editing a new e-book, my biggest e-book project yet, and got my first sale on 27th Feb.

As for the Daily Profit Target, although my score is lower than in January, there are two mitigating factors:

1. I raised my daily profit target from $15 to $20.

2. My online store was shut down by the hosting company as it reorganises its business. Sales dropped, and I worked hard to turn my primary blog into my own store while hosting my digital products on E-Junkie. Happily, sales began to trickle back in from 21st February. :-)

  • I beat my daily profit target seven times. (Same as in January.)
  • I finished the day in profit 12 times. (9 fewer than in January.)
  • There were seven days of ZERO sales and expenses. (2 more than in January.)
  • There were nine days when expenses exceeded sales. (3 more than in Janaury.)

Takeaways For March

In March I have more time to work on my online business and other goals.

However, the regular monthly tasks will be challenging once again as I'm also aiming to bring out new editions of three of my other e-books, and launch a range of PLR products this month...

Now I'm beginning to sell my own products again, I am hopeful that I can hit my March Daily Profit Target of $30 a day (up $10 on February's target...)

I am also getting better at living like a hermit so I can focus on my goals which get me closer to my dreams...

All the best my fellow WA dreamers and achievers,

David Hurley


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ElaineSmith1 Premium
Great job David.

Tried and true

hirohurl Premium
Thank you, Elaine.
tobocrs Premium
An outstanding model for us to emulate, David, thanks for sharing!
hirohurl Premium
Thanks Tim, my pleasure!
Memorylaneuk Premium
You sound like you have achieved a great deal to me. I missed on all my personal targets but have achieved all of the SWAG goals. Well I will when I actually publish my post tomorrow. It’s written and ready to go. Just need to create the visuals for social media.
Have a great March.
With Grace and Gratitude
hirohurl Premium
Thank you Karen.

On balance, I'm pleased with what I got done in February in spite of the lower scores. It's interesting how things come along and put a dent in our achieving our personal goals but help us to move forward anyway.
RobertLeier2 Premium
congrats on your up turns you enjoy the journey
MKearns Premium
Great goals and realizations David!
hirohurl Premium
Thanks Mike! I'm quite pleased with how I did in February, especially as I brought a new product to market and got my first sale at the end of the month.