Assessing My Performance In January 2018

Last Update: March 01, 2018

Here's my report about my performance in January, looking at my regular monthly targets and my daily online profit target.

Regular Monthly Targets

Every month I track my performance over a set of target activities which are divided into several categories.

The number of categories and targets changes from time to time, but here are my current monthly performance categories:

  1. Body (3 achievement targets)
  2. Mind (2 achievement targets)
  3. Money (3 achievement targets)
  4. Lending/Giving (2 achievement targets)
  5. Blogging (5 achievement targets)
  6. Affiliate Marketing (4 achievement targets)

Here's a photo of my Blogging targets with results for each target to the right:

Green circle = 100% achieved = 2 points

Red slash = 50% or more achieved = 1 point

Red cross = 0-49% (i.e. not started in most cases) = 0 points

I calculate the score then convert it into a percentage.

Adopting A DOPT

Starting this year, I have also set a "Daily Online Profit Target" for each month of the year, with the daily profit target increasing month by month.

I check my total sales and expenses (if any) every day and make a note of the result using a chart of six profit/loss symbols I made up over the New Year:

Each symbol is allocated a score from +3 (hit or beat DOPT after expenses have been deducted) to -3 (failed to hit DOPT and expenses exceed income).

At the end of the month I calculate the total score, multiply by 100 then divide into the number of days in the month and out pops my DOPT PERFORMANCE PERCENTAGE! LOL!

So How Did I Do In January 2018?

  • "Regular Monthly Targets" Performance = 71%
  • "Daily Profit Target" Performance = 38%


The Reckoning

I could easily have achieved a higher score in my Regular Monthly Targets simply by being more organized.

  • Just 30-40 extra minutes of focused activity in two areas would have raised my score to 78%.
  • An extra couple of hours focused on Google Analytics and broadcasting to my list would have raised my score significantly again.

As for the Daily Profit Target, I did not do anything significant to pull in more sales.

  • I beat my daily profit target seven times.
  • I finished the day in profit 20 times.
  • There were five days of ZERO sales and expenses.
  • There were six days when expenses exceeded sales.

Takeaways For February and March

I won't be so busy with teaching commitments in February and March. Once I have finished college exams and grading results, and once I have completed my tax returns, I will have much more time to work on my online business and other goals.

  • I still need to improve my scheduling to get my Regular Monthly Targets done.

I will be setting up a new digital sales platform and launching a new e-book in February. I also aim to bring out new editions of three of my other e-books, and launch a range of PLR products.

Going through the Go-Getters training for one blog, and Kyle's WA Super Affiliate Program for another blog should also help me start seeing more sales.

I hope so because in February, my DOPT target goes up by $5 so I'm going to have to work hard to raise my game.

Don't tell Bo, but I will also be launching a third project, a Bitcoin-related blog before Q1 is out.

Stay focused, inspired and busy on your dream projects, my WA friends.

All the best,

David Hurley


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BrianCh Premium
Hi David, you really know how to get us fired up here. I'm in hot pursuit of the goals that you set for yourself.


hirohurl Premium
Thanks Brian! I'll race you to the top!
RobertLeier2 Premium
well done continued success
hirohurl Premium
Thank you Robert, you too!
MKearns Premium
You have a good system in place David. All the best in its performing well for you!
hirohurl Premium
Thanks Mike!

It's taken a long time for me to get focused and organised and as my report shows, there's still a long way to go!

However, this kind of detailed focus is helpful and also enjoyable to set up and run.

All the best,

David Hurley
sb4269 Premium
Looking good David, Awesome!
Sam and Deb
BrianCh Premium
Hi David, I like the structure and organised manner in which you have put these goals in place. All the best with the Bitcoin blog.

hirohurl Premium
Thank you Mike.

The Bitcoin blog is a relatively small project really. I just want to get a few articles up and a page where I invite people to work with me. I'll be promoting it on safelists and traffic exchanges as much as through niche blogging.

Most of my time will be devoted to my two other blogs with the help of Bo and Kyle's training...