Prosperity is possible with Wealthy Affiliate - 1 Sale Yesterday

Last Update: September 05, 2020

Waking up to seeing I made a Sale yesterday! It is a good feeling seeing your work is bearing fruits.

Let me take you back 6,5 months :

I was a newbie at WA joining the free trial

I was on zero

Zero premium membership

Zero website,

zero articles

zero affiliate partners

zero affiliate income

zero clicks

Zero sales

Then I took action and went for Premium

Prosperity is possible with Wealthy Affiliate, but you need to do some work before it happens.

You need to make a website.

You need to write helpful content.

You need to monetize your website.

You need constant training.

You need to work consistently.

Then you will grow

Your Daily Practice for success starts with you

Suddenly one day when you least expect it .

- You make a sale.

It happened because I did some work a few months ago and followed the wealthy Affiliate training.

Wealthy Affiliate can help you do all of these things, but you must do the work needed to make it happen and believe it is possible.

I am so Grateful I chose Wealthy Affiliate as my online Platform.

Get started with Wealthy Affiliate - Go Premium - Do the work - Be consistent - It pays off!

Big hug to you all!


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Calvinator63 Premium
Congratulations Hilde,

IT is a great feeling when you get that first sale notification. It is almost as if the world shifted on its axis, just to allow your hard work to begin bearing fruit.

Most here wish that, that could actually happen to them as well.

Regardless, it is a great feeling to see that things are taking shape and money will follow as long as we stick to the basics and go from there.

May your hours of work be few, and the fruition of the work be plentiful and abundant well beyond and above your expectations.

Sow the seeds plentiful and willing: then enjoy the harvest later!

HildeRegine Premium Plus
Yes Calvin! You said it. 😀🎉Thank you!
LatinNomad Premium
Many congrats indeed! Well done!
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Thank you! 😀🎉
Maricat Premium
That's awesome news Hilde and it's just the beginning! Congrats for the good work and thanks for sharing!
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Thank you Maricat! Yes I believe so too. 😀🎉
ELangley1 Premium
Thanks for the excellent motivational blog, Hilde. Really good! Have a great weekend.
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Thank you! Great weekend to you as well! 😀🎉
Grace131 Premium
Congratulations Hilde!
More blessings to come...
That's true if you plant something and watered it there will be always a good time for harvest .
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Thank you Grace! Yes what you nurture will grow. 😀🎉