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Today I have a question for you that I want you to reflect a bit on. How many miles are you willing to go to make your online business rolling?I have been following many of the super affiliates and coaches online. I have read and listened to their stories.Most of them came to a point where they had to go an extra mile just to achieve their goals. They had to go the extra mile for a period of time to make success.I will give you a few examples so you fully understand what I am talking about her
Recurring commissionsThis month started well .with recieving some good recurring commissions.It is my 25th month at WA this month and I am slowly progressing towards my goals.Yes I finally have consistent recurring commissions coming weekly.It had not been possible without WA.StruggleThe last month I have struggled with writing posts for my website.Not because I do not know what to write about or because I am lazy.I have trillions of ideas.This time it is finding time to get it all done.To get
In the time I have been online I have learned that there is a big difference in the strategy you want to use when being an affiliate marketer.that depends on what you are looking for and what your goal is.Is your goal Instant one off sales or recurring sales?As you probably know there are two fundamental types of sales . 1. Sales coming from organic traffic sources2. and sales coming from paid traffic sources.If you are new online it is not always easy to know the difference, the different s
(photo: unsplash) A picture often say more than a thousand words. It is powerful to see a picture like this where you can see a small flower is growing on a barren, dry ground of stones where no one believed it would grow, right?Being a Newbie in Affiliate marketing with a new website it feels a lot like being on a barren dry ground. You are the seed looking for some opportunities to grow. To become a green pasture full of crops and flowers to harvest when the time is ripe.(photo: unsplash)To f
February 18, 2022
Friday ends well Two new sales that are recurring and two sales that are one off sales.Great feeling to see my efforts bear some fruit once more.It is not only about putting your link out there so people can find your offers.It is all about the follow up of your prospects and leads.When you focus on helping your leads the magic happens.People approach you to get some help . You help them solve their problem.No matter if you are a newbie or a super affiliate this is the secret to more sales.The
Yay!My turn to jump into my third year at Wealthy Affiliate.What a ride it has been!Seriously - I never thought I would experience this day and to be able to celebrate 2 whole years at Wealthy Affiliate.Well two years is nothing in the scheme of things. They have been like a fast blowing wind. Sometimes calm and sometimes like a tornado.So What can I say to everyone who is thinking of joining or have just joined this amazing community? Actually I do not know where to start. Why did I start at
February 08, 2022
Short Google Stats report January 2022Just got a mail from search console about my stats for January. A small increase in engagement and rank.Nothing Major. since last month.Just documenting my stats so I can look back a year from now and see the difference.WA statsNo new referrals 402 unique Clicks1099 Clicks on contentJaaxy StatsNo new referrals28 clicks on links this monthYou Tube statsAll time stats. Have some more work to do here, but increasing slowlyFacebook StatsIncrease in reach, e
Hi everyone!I thought I would write some short words about connecting with the audience you have.I often get questions on this from members on different platforms I am on and from readers and sign ups.How I connect with my audience.First of all I want to say Your content is what will attract people in the first place.But then what?Where do you go from there?Imagine a reader come to your new website. He/she/hen likes your post, but you have nothing to offer. No commennt fieldNo freebie. No conta
February 02, 2022
Guess who was happily surprised to see a new sale in my inbox today?I have a clickbank account and I am promoting some affiliate programs on this platform that I have not had much success with until now despite a lot of promoting organically a while ago.But today I got a message that I actually did my very first sale with one of my Affiliate partners and my first Clickbank Sale in 2022.It was very unexpected, but very motivating for me.So what have I learned from this?You never know when you w
When I started in Wealthy Affiliate I used the free website builder Siterubix here in Wealthy affiliate to learn how to create a website from scratch.I went through the WA bootcamp and followed the training videos. After 7 days I became a Premium Member.When I had created my website I moved it to a domain and started adding content.I bought the domain for around $13.I remember when I started how people in the Wealthy Affiliate community talked about how much a website could be worth over time.