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Yay!! This is a huge milestone for me who thought 500 words was a lot of words to write from the start. This was one of my hairy year goals. I understood when I reached 150K that I would reach this goal this month. So today I can give myself a huge hug and say well done to myself.And I share my joy with you and document it here on my Wealthy Affiliate blog.If you are new and think 500 words is a lot of words to write. Do not despair! If I can do it so can you! One word at a time. I have writte
Start the week with a Calendar My monday starts with looking in my calendar or daily planner. It is a habit I have practiced to do over years now. A very helpful tool that made a huge difference for me is my calendar. But I did not always use a calendar. Before i started using a calendar I was acting more or less without a strategy or a goal and hoped for the best outcome. Over the years I learned to think more strategically. Picking up tips and tricks from different mentors I had along the way
Pink dreams?I had a special episode yesterday that almost made me dream pink dreams. Lol. I will tell you what happened:I logged into a social media platform I use to post my website posts on when I have written a new article or just want to share something of value. I saw a friend of mine had added a new profile picture so I went to click on my friends profile picture to leave a nice comment. When I clicked on the picture another persons profile suddenly showed up. I was immediately thinking m
October 23, 2020
Snow and Northern lightsWoke up to the first snowfall. Winter have arrived for sure and the polar dark time soon set in.Here in North of Norway we do not talk so much about the snow and weather, because it is quite normal with a lot of harsh weather. We talk about the light or more precisely the Northern lights. For a week in a row It has been so cold and when it is freezing cold and a clear sky you can see the Northern lights wandering over the sky in all kinds of amazing colours. Here it is m
October 13, 2020
Here is my 8 month Progress reportGoals: 2 articles a week - AccomplishedGet more referrals to WA and affiliate partnersMake videos to my articlesFollow my 3 month planIncrease organic search Build a listWords written: 188,529Articles Published: 101Trainings created: 6 Pieces total1. For newbies: For Newbies: premium members: Contentstrategy series3. https://my.we
Hi everyone! I know I promised you yesterday You would get my 8 month progress report today.Instead....I am going to adress a neverending topic here at WA and on other online platforms.This can be especially helpful for newbies, but also for other members here.Tomorrow you will get my report.Let us talk about Comments my friend!Since I started at WA I have learned a lot about comments and I have been blessed to be a certified commenter with 100% Approval. Read my blogpost First time - I am a Ce
As many of you have said before me - the first referral or sale often leads to a domino effect of similar events happening. My website is like a rocket now in full speed ready to take off. All the blessings I have experienced here the last weeks are the air and fuel that is lifting my rocket upwards. Today I got a new WA referral and a sale on Sharesale. I have not had time to check my stats on other affiliate programs or analytics today, but tomorrow I will make my 8 month report and share i
One of my referrals upgraded to Premium today! I just need to document it here on my blog and share it with you guys. Just got a mail from Kyle and Carson who told me that one of my referrals had upgraded.That is awesome and another proof that this Affiliate training works like clockwork almost if you put in the work.Please give a warm welcome to Benjamin for taking the wise decision to go Premium.Looking forward to see my referrals grow here at WA an
MilestoneWhen I set my goals earlier this year my goal was to write 100 website posts before the end of June. Lol. My goals were quite hairy and still is. I like hairy goals. I did not achieve that goal. It took a bit longer time than I planned.In June I adjusted the goal and told myself that before the end of the year I would have 100 posts. Today I reached the 100 website post milestone.Great thingsMany great things have happened to me this week. Many newbies, sales and now this. If that was
Another day with blessings! So glad to see a new person have registered to the WA Free trial. After two days full of blessings I told myself this morning I need to stay grounded and continue doing what I am doing. Work according to my plan. It empowers my energy and focus when I see the results I have had the last days.It may sound odd to you but I thank myself for making the decision to become a WA premium member and pursue my goals through Affiliate marketing. I have learned so much and feel