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Oh my! 6 months already! I feel like I just started and at the same time I feel I have been here for ages.Well 6 months fly fast and I can take a little pause today to look back and reflect on the previous six months here.I am working on some trainings about what I have learned that can be helpful for newbies. I already made the first episode.The next ones are coming soon.This last month I experienced more Google rankings than ever and I believe it is because I have become better on content an
August 12, 2020
Wow! Suddenly I am ranking as 94 on WA which means I am now at Top 100 for the first time. Thank you everyone! It has not been a goal, more of a bonus to me. I feel humbled by this.I had to write this post to document it.What does Top 100 really mean?It is an internal Wealthy Affiliate Ranking. Top 100 means I have been active here at WA posting, engaging and Writing as much as I had time for. Thank you everyone - I do not know if I can manage to keep this rank below 100, but time will show!
Ranking reportAs a part of my documenting process I have made a little Ranking report.1.What a surprise to find an article that have jumped a bit up an down, now on first page on all search engines. The life of this article started good and have been on 3 position until today when it suddenly jumped to first position on Google, number two on yahoo and 4 on bing (picture)2.The second article is one of my newest articles from last week ranking on first page as number 2 on Bing and Yahoo3. My thir
August 11, 2020
Another day - Another post posted yesterday - Trying to climb the Google Mountain with the low hanging fruit technique to get more organic SEO traffic.Every post start at the bottom - If you did your SEO well your new post might fly onto the top.But the truth is that the Google mountain is hard to climb if you have a very competetive keyword or a Keyword that no one searches for.But at Wealthy affiliate we are well equipped with the best climbing gear. Jaaxy and the low hanging fruit just to me
Starting at WAI am sure many who start as newbies here at WA are having a dream of earning more money to get the lifestyle they want, live a more flexible life, an extra income opportunity, start a dream project , helping others or securing your children or yourself in one way or another.You start on a journey to reach your goals here at WA.EquipmentYou may not have tip top equipment to make videos, screencasts etc.You may even do not have a computer and need to go to an Internet cafe to do you
August 06, 2020
How to be productive when you have more than one job?I am sure you can relate to this. I guess it is not only me who have more than my WA website to work with. This last weeks I have really had to put Time management on my agenda and focus, focus, focus on the main things to get things done. I have my own way to be more productive - a mix of my own and things I have learned that I want to share with you.TimeMaking the best out of your time is really important when you are juggling between being
How does a ranking article life look like?It pretty much looks like on the picture above or below (same picture).When you publish an article it is almost as giving birth to a child - First it must learn to crawl- stand and then to run - An article is Starting on zero living an online life not unlike a baby.The goal and fulfillment of the article is to rank on first page on Google, Bing And Yahoo - The Big 3 and to be of value of the readers.It lives a different life in all of these worlds. I th
We all start on ZeroWhen I started at Wealthy affiliate learning how to set up a website for search engines and monetize my website by joining affiliate programs. I had zero leads and zero sales. I knew nothing about affiliate marketing and how to do this.The KeyI learned that the key to getting leads and sales is traffic to your website and using SEO to generate traffic.My leads are constantly increasing thanks to the training at Wealthy Affiliate and my daily practice of what I have learned h
This have been a quite busy week and not so much time for WA unfortunately. I have been writing on a couple of posts. I hope to get them posted both of them.WorkI work part time in the home services and we had a very busy week due to public holiday.I am looking forward to the day I can work from home 100%. That is one of my goals from when starting as a premium member here at WA. I am not there yet. Working in the homeservices in summertime is maybe the hardest period because most of the regula
Todays little success.I checked my Site rankings today and I was happy to see that I have now 22 articles out of 71 ranking on page 1 in Google. And some on Bing and Yahoo as well. Wealthy Affiliate training works when you follow the training advice. To all newbies out there - do not doubt the power of Wealthy Affiliate Training. Have a great day every one!