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Just posted a new post and a Video and both are ranking on page One on Google and Bing today just minutes after posting. Google have had no time for any scans.This must of course be documented on my WA blog.Glad to see my seo work paid off in terms of ranking.Have a nice Sunday Everyone!
October 15, 2021
Some Friday reflectionsI got an email today that reminded me about something very important.Let us talk about Action connected to the word "Failing".Actually I do not like this word "failing" because it has a negative vibe to it .I assosciate it with a lot of fear.Without any action there would be no failing at all.So to be on the safe side not to fail Taking No Action is the best, right?Then you have nothing to fear.You need to take action to fail just as much as to succeed.Taking action mean
This year my goal have been to grow as much as possibleGrow my website trafficGrow my listsGrow my Facebook engagementGrow my pinterest engagementGrow my instagram engagementGrow my salesWebsite trafficHere you can see the traffic stats from the same period from february last year and this year in a comparison chart. I have not posted as often this year as last year so I could have done it much better if I continued the same posting schedule. But all in all my traffic increased. Engagement wen
Hi all!😀Today I want to address some questions i got on social media from people who follow me, from signups and people on my list.People who say they want to succeed online. You will be amazed by all the strange questions I get.Here are some of the shocking ones.After signing g up to my email list or free offers some have sendt me emails telling me they signed up and now they need some help.People who knows me know I always help them proceed if I can.But I do have my limits.Do not exp
I have focused on growing my email list this year since January and in the beginning of august I was blogging about reaching my first 100 subscribers. Today I can celebrate another milestone on my journey.I have followed advice from WA members as well as other marketers on building a list.And I am happy to announce that today I got 386 subscribers in total.My list have been growing quite steadily and only in one month I had a 111% increase or 179 new subscribers.98,88% subscribed via a web form
September 17, 2021
Wow! Time really flies! Cannot believe it is 19 months since I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate.For those of you who have followed my Journey you know I document most of my Journey on the Wealthy Affiliate blog. I thought I would give you a Visual journey of my time in WA today.Here are my You Tube stats from 20.02.2020 until today:2,1 K views, 40 subscribers, 74,7 watchtimeMain Website 16 september 2020 - 16 sept 2021 Google AnalyticsIn average 452 visitors a month, 96 a day and 7 todaySearch co
What is an affiliate marketing momentum? and How do you Build an Affiliate momentum?I often see in comments when someone got a referral or a sale that people comment: Great! you are gaining momentum. I got the comments myself too. But is that really true?I was asked by one of my signups who did not know what momementum is to explain it to him.So I started to explain, and while I explained it in an easy manner that Momentum means massive growth, a lot of questions popped up in my own mind regard
September 02, 2021
Oh my gosh! September already. Which means new month and new goals.I woke up to an electricity outage today due to some bad weather. Just got a message that it would be back in an hour or so. Not exactly how I planned the day, but I found out my mobile is working so I thought I could use this time to look at what I have achieved and set some new monthly goals.My main goal this year was to grow. And my yearly goals were pretty high. so where do I stand in regards of my goals?Trafficgoals on webs
August 28, 2021
So exciting!So happy to wake up and see I got a new Jaaxy referral who also created a WA account.A new marketer is about to take a new step into the world of affiliate marketing.I remember my first week here. Information peopleNew skills to learnbuilding my first monetized websiteAsking tons of questionsLearning how it all worksAmazed by the activity on this platformNow I am so glad I took action and became a premium member.This WA training is brilliant and of high Value.A real no
CommissionsThis week started off with new commissions and new goals.Lookback on last week and month 17 Months at WALast week I did my daily tasks and I wrote some reviews and made some Videos that I will post this week. This month I have had more organic search traffic from Bing than I have used to have which is great. But Google searches are still my main traffic source.Lead magnetsI have also written some freebies that I will release soon. I still have not released any own lead magnets.But th