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Hi everyone!Today I want to tell you about my PPC and Solo Ads experiments and share with you my valuable lessons that actually costed me som money.But If you are like me - Sucking at doing PPC then listen closely.My PPC and Solo Ads experiments and lessonsPPC means Pay Per Click.First time I heard about PPC was here at WA in the Affiliate Bootcamp.I went through the training, but I did not start any PPC campaign.I was scared to loose money and I felt I did not really understand the PPC world w
Wow! I feel so happy. June was a good month, but July looks like it is getting even better in terms of commissions.I have made commissions from 3 different affiliate programs.I have got back into my normal routines of writing and I have posted reviews and even made Videos .This seems to have paid off well in terms of traffic.Monthly ReportMy organic traffic have increased month by month now and even clicks on links have Increased.Also my You Tube channel is growing slowly although I have not be
July 24, 2021
Yay! Another milestone reachedFinally I got my first Jvzoo sale this week. And it was a product I have not promoted a lot yet.Just barely mentioned it in a description on one of my videos.4 clicks and 1 sale. That I would say is good.So How to get sales from your affiliate links?You need to generate traffic to your links otherwise there will not be any sales.You can generate traffic in many ways. it is only your imagination that stops you.1. SEO2. PAID trafficYou can use as many platforms as yo
Yesterday I suddenly noticed I had over 100 Followers on my FB page. Next goal 200 :)It feels good to be growing. monthly statslast 30 days I had5% increase in likes94 Likes on pageReach: see picture above for FB and Instagram20,10 % reach on page25,6% reach on Instagram + 72 Followers on InstagramMy best FB post had 127 comments and 29 clicks on links.
July 16, 2021
Just som Friday Thoughts about Action. After 19 months at Wealthy Affiliate and as an affiliate partner on different platforms I have heard, experienced and registered something I want to address today.People who take action is the ones who succeed.For most people their online Journey starts with a dream or a goal they want to achieve.And most online startups do not know where to start and How to start.Just like me it was a leap of fate I found Wealthy Affiliate. I was looking for a place where
I started my week with 20 new subscribers to my list and a new commission.I get many questions on how I manage to make commissions every time I post a post like this.Tell me how you did it, and can you teach me how to make commissions?Normally I answer everyone who asks no matter what platform or program I use that you need to follow the program and training. WA is the main reason I am making commission now.why?I followed the free trial OEC training and affiliate bootcamp. And I am still in t
July 03, 2021
June was a good month. It is the second month this year I earned around $100 all together this month in commissions from different affiliate partners.I started in February 2020 at WA on zero everything and I used my first year to build websites, content and a solid foundation for growth.This year I am growing. The numbers tells its tales. I feel more experienced, confident and knowledgeable about Affiliate marketing. I have built new skills that I now try to take full advantage of in different
Affiliate sales June has been a good month for me. I have got a lot of new people on my email list, A lot of leads and made some affiliate sales as well. Still a few days left to go.Earning Affiliate marketing commissions daily. Not huge sums, but it will add up.Checking my daily commissionsToday I woke up to a commission on £ 45,36 for a sale I did this week. A 40% commission sale And I also got a notice from another affiliate partner todayThese are just two of many commissions I have ma
New Milestone 1,56 signups a dayGoing over my stats for signups on different Affiliate programs the last 30 days.I have had 47 new sign ups to different Affiliate programs I promote online that I will earn commissions from.A huge progress from last year at this time when I had only 1 signup.Well I have now reached a new milestone - to have 1 signup a day.This is the first month I can say that although I have not recieved 1 every day. Some days zero, other days 5 etc.Dividing my total amount of
Last week I had 193 organic searches from Google according to Google Analytics.Organic traffic is now my biggest source of traffic while it was referral traffic before.So why have my organic Traffic increased so much?1. More content on my website2. Posts are indexed on Google3. SEO friendly content4. I have Used Jaaxy to find the best possible keywords for ranking5. I try to give value to my readers6. I post every weekFrom the training in WA I early understood from Kyle that traffic is very es