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When you start out on a new website as a newbie you will probably wonder if your articles will generate referrals, comission and sales. I know I did.The fact is - It can take time.I got Two new referrals today and a small commission when I logged in to one of my affiliate partners. That is great news. Because it is from an article I wrote a while ago.It is good to know that you can actually earn long after you did the job.You never know when the results pop up.You plant the seed and it grows in
Take the challenge and join Wealthy Affiliate!To grow we need to challenge ourselves. To get out of that comfortzone we are so used to operate in we need to challenge ourselves. I promised myself I would challenge myself more this year, because I want to grow. But How?When was the last time you really challenged yourself?I got this question in one of the challenges I attended.5 years ago I said yes to build a local search an rescue team because I was the only one in this small voluntary local b
Hi everyone! I have found it necessary to write a reminder about Sitecomments again.Before Christmas I wrote last time I must say that Sitecomments have improved, but there are still some issues I would like to adress. regarding this.It seems like not all knows how to write a quality comment and get very surprised when they are disapproved so I will repeat it.1. Read the Article - Use time - Click in linksWhen someone ask for
11 Months at Wealthy AffiliateWow! The same day as I made my second sale of this year I also celebrated 11 Months at Wealthy Affiliate! I was so busy that day that I completely forgot. But as the documenter I am, I need to document this milestone too. 11 Months! Can you believe it?A Quick Cook back The last year have been a lot of trying and failing on repeat. You need to study what works just like you are working in a chemistry lab. A lot were cooking behind the scenes..Pitfalls and Bingo mom
January 12, 2021
Wow! Just got another mail from an affiliatepartner that I have made a Sale while sleeping. It feels Awesome to start January with some Sales. All Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate training!I have been working on taking massive action after New Year and I am working on training and writing. I must admit this month has been the most challenging.until now.I have had so many tasks to do and some took much longer time than I first thought, but I am doing my best to keep up the good habits of writing and
January 09, 2021
Clarity on goals - What do you want?If I ask you what you want - What will you answer? Do you even know what you want?A New house?A new car?More Money?One thing I learned by listening to many of the huge coaches is that you need to specify what you want in order to get it or else it will not happen. This was a Bingo moment for me the first time I heard it. You need to make a decision on what yu want into detail in order for it to happen.. Did you know that 98% do not even know what they want i
Action Pays off !January is going to be a very exciting month. I started out strong, because I was well prepared.I had made the plans.. At New Year I just followed my plans just like normal.Todays Payoff!Woke up to some real good news this morning.1 Sale with 50% commission1 New referral in another program I promoteWon $5 in an online competition Top 100 in another sales competitionChallenge yourself this monthI decided to challenge myself every month this year. If you do not push yourself out
Time for Massive Action!I have high goals this year and to reach my goals I need to do some massive action. If you change what you do - your results will change as well.Massive Abundance I have 2 new referrals in another affiliate program, I got 57% more organic traffic last week, 103 (41% increase ) in new Users on my websiteand a small sale in another affiliate programSo my message to you today is: Whatever your goal is you need to take massive action to reach your goal to getMassive Change
January 02, 2021
Wow. I Just found out I am ranked in the top 50 at WA. That is really awesome! I feel very humbled. I remember when I Started I was on the bortom of ranking . I have not had so much focus on WA ranking. But now it feels like an be among top 50.I have posten a lot of WA blogg and documented my prosess. Now I can document this as well.This is a good start on a new year!Thank you and big hug to you all.
I woke up this morning a bit later than usual. But waking up to a new year is always a special feeling. Dont`t you think so too?I was thinking to myself. It is a New Year, 365 new days an chances to reach my hairy goals I have made this year. You can read about my goals in my previous blogpost.A new year starts with You My first day this year started with me. I did my morning mindset routine and I went for a little walk outside in the dark (still darktime here). When I came home I opened my Dai