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Some shared Friday HappinessYay! How cool is that? It is Friday evening and suddenly I heard some plings on my phone while out walking. I just had to look. Yess! Not only one but 4 referrals to 4 different affiliate programs I promote. One is a new WA referral. What more to say that it is just awesome ! Just had to share my excitement with you guys/girls.Have a wonderful Friday! and A big hug from me!
April 16, 2021
Today I noticed a few strange mails in my website mailbox that I suspect are scams . 1. First of all I need to say that I do not use PPC at all on any of my websites. 2. I am not displaying this email adress or ID on any of my Pinterest accounts as far as I know. But I have a link to my website from pinterest where my contact details are.Mail number 1I found your website listed under the Google sponsored listing for which you pay a significant amount. But sometimes this sponsored listing or PP
Happy Friday everyone! This week have been so busy and I almost forgot I have been at Wealthy Affiliate for 14 months already. Who could even believe that? I thought at the very beginning that WA was just a scam? lol :) ..... Yes I actually did until I went through the free trial. I just can not believe how time flies when you are doing Affiliatemarketing. Do you have that feeling too? And I had not envisioned how fun Affiliatemarketing can be at times. This week started off with a payment I ea
April 09, 2021
Just popping in with a short post to wish you all a wonderful Weekend!This have been A productive, creative and rewarding week in all ways for my part.Now I have that Good Friday feeling!How about you? How did your week go? Share some Friday happiness - Your biggest happy takeaway from this week?
April 07, 2021
Commission weekThe first week in April seems to be the week of rewards and commission for me this year. 😀First time so many in a week. It feels good when my daily earnings increase even if I am far from my goal.Funny how things change in a year. Last year my focus was getting traffic to my site.This commission came from one of my recent posts which is great.Last week my traffic, organic search, clicks and time on site increased with over 30%. Maybe because people had more time to be onl
I know this is a question many who wants to start a business online ask when they first hear about Wealthy Affiliate..Can Wealthy Affiliate Change your life Around?My short answer to that is without any doubt YES! Wealthy Affiliate Already Changed Many Peoples Lives for the betterJust take a look at this few blogposts written by by Wealthy Affiliate membersOne year can change everythingHow this program changed my life and many othersHow WA changed my life 0- $10.000 a monthHow WA changed my lif
Woke up to an awesome pling on my phone today :)👏🌞Pling! Another payout for a sale I did in February.April starts well this year. Wonder how the rest of the month will be?Two payouts in the first three days feels really amazing. What if every day could be just a series of awesome Plings?Would I grow tired of it? Nooo, I do not think so... Would you?I must admit I have not posted anything this week, but I have been productive in other ways.I am soon to post my next article. My wr
April starts with a new commissionToday I woke up to a new commission from one of my affiliate partners andThis is no April fools joke in case you might think so. For those of you who knows me knows I am documenting my journey here on my blog.Every marketers journey is different. Some start only with a huge desire to get more freedom, and more money.Some work alone and others works in teams and networks.Some have no knowledge only two bare hands an little to no budget while others have the know
Did you know that third party cookies will be removed within 2022 from the Google Chrome Algorithm? That means between 50- 70% of the web usage will be affected. So what does this actually mean for you as an affiliatemarketer?The third party cookies will soon be history and replaced by browser based tools . Why? you may ask. Well Google seems to think that this will give you more privacy according to the GDPR rules and be better for personalisation.What does a third party cookie do?A browser co
Well Yesterday I showed you the stats from my Jaaxy Enterprise Site Rank checker.Today I will show you the stats from my Google search console rankings.As the WA training and some members made me aware of :The keywords you put in your post is not necessarily the ones people search for.Confused? Well In Google Search console you can see Keywords people actually search for that you rank for with your post through your content. That is actually great and I asked myself why I had not used this fea