The biggest office ever !

Last Update: September 25, 2014

After three weeks with Wealthy Affiliate I am starting to find my way around here.

The base of our businesses here is stooled on social contacts, in- and outside of WA.

We reach out to people whoever they are, wherever they are.

Here I am sitting in my office but because I am working through WA this is also your office.

From the tiny spot on earth I work from, I connect with people all over the world and I “talk” to my WA colleagues as if we work from one big office!

And quite an awesome office this is too, we keep it occupied around the clock to help each other and serve the world at the same time. A practice not too common in today’s business.

Yesterday I completed course 2, lesson 10.

In all honesty, I am not very excited with this achievement. Finishing a course, any course for that matter, doesn’t mean that much to me. What does matter is that I will apply my newly gained knowledge in the best way possible.

To assess, whether or not I am applying my new skills in the best possible way, I need your help.

The website I am building needs your reviews, approval, comments and criticism.

Over the past three weeks I have looked at quite a number of sites build by you. This is the way to grow together and get really good at what we do.

My intentions are to stay focused on my new business while I want this business to be an adventure as well as a solid building block for the future.

The coming period I will continue to put in the required labor, meaning little sleep.

With this I think I will realize my aim to take things (a little) easier in the next 4 to 5 months.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great experience!

Please visit me at:

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Nice looking site
ahogan Premium
Just left a Comment on your blog. Very easy to navigate and I like the store. Thanks for sharing.
Heroba Premium
thanks Angela, also for your nice comment!
mlshands Premium
Okay..The site is looking good. The only thing that I noted was on your different types saxophone tab was that I had to drop down to see the page. I'm assuming you will be adding more pages under that tab. If not, I would just put your information on the parent tab without having a drop down tab. Does that make sense? I'm feeling I just complicated that explanation. Sorry. But really, the site is looking great and I love the About Me page that explains why you are offering your service.
Heroba Premium
thanks for your comments, highly appreciated!
indeed I'll be writing about nine different saxophones, i'm afraid i will crowd the page too much if i put that on the home page.
would you suggest another them as web site?
mlshands Premium
Don't work too hard or you will get burned out quickly! Enjoy our office and your efforts at making your website. I do love this office but no one has delivered donuts yet soooo :) Make sure you at least get sleep and I will work on the donuts. I will also look at your website and give you some feedback. Just wanted to let my mother out and say "You need your sleep young man!"
Heroba Premium
Hope you had your donuts! i got my sleep :)
DanielW1 Premium
Your doing great! Love your office as mine and thousands of others are the same. Great success to you!!