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June 30, 2015
Keti koti comes from the Surinamese language (Sranan tongo) and literally translated the meaning is 'chain cut'.Keti koti is the celebration of the abolition of slavery in 1863 and it is yearly celebrated on the first of July. This year, the festivities and celebrations will have a deeper meaning for me on a personal level. I joined the WA community last year in September and after joining, I have been more and more focusing on my online career. accepting very little projects with my consulting
September 25, 2014
After three weeks with Wealthy Affiliate I am starting to find my way around here. The base of our businesses here is stooled on social contacts, in- and outside of WA. We reach out to people whoever they are, wherever they are. Here I am sitting in my office but because I am working through WA this is also your office. From the tiny spot on earth I work from, I connect with people all over the world and I “talk” to my WA colleagues as if we work from one big office! And quite an awesome of