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Last Update: Mar 23, 2018

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I was answering comments on a resent blog I wrote last night, Go Ahead, Make My Day," and came across one that knocked me back in my seat. It truly made me realize why I am here! It was written by someone who I hadn't had the pleasure of following yet, but congratulated on going Premium---Her name is Christine, "Csucess," who just signed up at Wealthy Affiliate and was on the verge of giving up already--without a fight.


The comment written by her (below) left me speechless.

While writing my post that she had answered, I only hoped, but didn't realize the impact it would have on a person who needed it the most at the precise time.

The blog she responded to:

This is Christine's comment:

"Fantastic post!!
You inspired me I was about to get on here today and give up. This site is really hard to navigate for a person that has had multiple head injuries but reading your post somehow changed my outlook on today. I will start fresh rewrite my blog on my website and shake it off. Thank you for sharing your post. Have a terrific day.


I ask everyone to please visit Christine's page and follow her. Make her feel welcome and offer your help. These are times when we really need to pull together and get each other over the hurdles!

My deepest gratitude to you, my new friend----for not even realizing it, you have helped ME---more than you know.

Erin :)!

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Hey, it is amazing that we never know who will get help from something that is just ordinary to us. I am now following her!

Yes, it is, John! Great that you've reached out!

Thanks Erin


It's bittersweet!

I just did thank you!


Yeah, I meant the post--haha.

Oh, well done Erin, what a huge dhallenge Christine has to face.

Just spreading the love. :)!

Will do!

Thanks! That's so great of you! xoxo

I have visited Christine's site and offered her some encouragement and advice.

Sweeeet! Nice going!

I think new members and even veterans members get overwhelmed because of how much information there is here to absorb,

There could be as much as about 10% of the information located here outdated. I found training material, videos and blogs showing depreciated, or no longer in use as in extinct information.

Some training created by members and some by Wealthy Affiliate owners themselves.

What happens is WA started small and grew over time, The info was current back then, but as time passed a new way to perform the task came alone.

But the old material never got archived or stored away,

so, sometimes we run across this old material and try to follow alone before we realize it's outdated. Now I got to start over; overwhelming.

After searching through the material and hitting the outdated wall a few time, premium members cancel and starter member never log back in.

I gave it up for a whole year, fear of asking for help and looking stupid.

I hate to put it so bluntly, but giving up was a dumb ass move on my part. Because once I open up and got past my fear of social media, I found a family.

I was taught how to navigate through the sea of information and find exactly what I need.

Thanks for sharing.

God bless you

Kyle's posts have spoken out loud about dated material and how they have, and continue to, renew and improve it. It is a huge undertaking that they've worked hard on it for us! The progress here is phenomenal and is brilliantly taking a turn toward new directions. I personally haven't paid attention or really noticed any dated material. I find it ALL amazingly informative! Thanks.

Will be done!

Thanks, Dianne! I appreciate you reaching out!

Thank you for sharing. Beautiful inspiring post!

It just hit a soft spot in me, I guess. Thank you Scotius! Happy to connect with you and see you around again!

I'm on my way.....

Great! Thank you! It will be so nice for her!

This is really great I will go find her.

Here is her link:

I went and already introduced my self and let her know I was here if she needs help. I followed your link above and found her. Hopefully this will help her to understand we are here to help.

That's so wonderful of you! Thanks, my friend!

Starting here can be overwhelming I remember to well. But I know everyone was there to help me. And I want to make sure she knows there is help for her as well. Everyone deserves a great chance here and shouldn't feel like they want to quit because of lack of help.
I am glad to take her in and help her in any way I can.
Thank you for letting us know about this!

That's so great! I have a feeling she will have many new friends and helpers from this!

I hope so. Don't want her going anywhere.

I have a feeling that she'll be here a very long time!

Good I am glad to hear that


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