Life is not easy as you are 99%

Last Update: November 02, 2019

Yes everyone want a better life. Everyone wants everything to come to them instantly.

People just want a shortcut without any level of efforts or work.

The game of waiting. Waiting to be spoon-feeding. Waiting think to fallen from the sky.

Is a magic pill. You want everything easy and not stretching from your comfort zone.

Shinning object attraction being materialistic than working hard on it. You never want to do think in difficult ways. Just want a sample and no effort energy just as quick rich scheme. Sitting and get the coming in.

You see everyone is being lazy and lazy being in comfort for granted. Have you ever think how things then to work if you keep doing easy things and you find your life with full of hardest and difficult task. But when you work all out on your energy face the difficulties and hardest then easy things will come to you.

So take massive action to be the 1%. Being the minority. If you, are 99%then you got to change the way how you work things.

Question yourself are you the 1% or are you the majority. If things are easy then everyone will be doing it and there is no hard work involve and everyone can do then what are there to grasp the opportunity to the market if anybody can do it and there is no level of efforts put to it.

You got to do something different to be the minority. We are here in WA so we are positive driven community and we have and edge over the majority.

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timstime20 Premium
Great stuff
Thanks Tim
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Thanks for your thoughts! I'm aiming for 1%!🎉💙
jojocinq Premium
Thanks for sharing
Jules73 Premium
Good post Henry I guess it takes hard work and perseverance and a willingness to become part of the 1% but the benefits far outweigh the efforts in the end...foresight is a wonderful thing! Jules
klchang Premium
Great post, Henry.
Definitely agree with what you have written.
Are we willing to pay the price to become the 1%?