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Hello community in Wealth Affiliate family.... Happy new year 2020 and welcome to your brand new goal and direction. Just to say the wishes that this year is a year of good vision 2020.Just check on my site that I found that I am now rank in TOP FEELS great and to be honor to make it to the top 200 for the first time as I was in top 300 for 2months and finally got in this year 2020.Anyhow though I did not make a cent or the rank is important but is good to have a drive of motivation and
2020 is coming soon in just 8 days to go. So are your guys ready to set your resolution.?If you do,then here are some tips on what kind of goals your want to go for it.What your Love-your passionis indeed is your niche,interest,what your talk about to people you surrounding with, what you do during your free time. The more your have an understanding in what your are doing or your are expert into it or your have curiosity even though your have or no experience your can research for it and bec
Is pretty hard to say farewell to 2019 in just 11 days to go.One can imagine time is breezing too fast ahead.You will never get back the time .Every one had the same amount by time 24 hours a day or 1440 minute.Life is short. Something your see people are here today are gone tomorrow.How life can be unpredictable. How much time we can have to live.Benjamin Franklin say" your are dead by now in 25 years but barrier in 75 years."Let be gratitude to what we have and cherish the time and moment we
Just Last day of the Black Friday Deal I renew for the yearly subscription. So is about two years will have till next Sept 2021.As I already sign for yearly in Sept 2019 before black Friday.So I have about two whole years to take my own time and pace to learn.The deal was so good that is a drive for me to set up a long term goals .So I am thinking all the steps plan to achieve the goal I want. That is to hoan the skill ofgetting website visible and creativity and innovative contents.More time
I think I am falling back to top 400. I was in Top 300 the best I got is like 281 then I keep fall back to 296 to 300 to 308 now to 328.I cannot let this happen.My guess is when you keep climbing you will fall back after making consistent progress.the problem is why you are not seriously dealing with the small set back slowly become a down site and slowly breeze off and you are out and you quit.So I think is normal, but don't let this effect you progress as if not bounce back it will lead back
November 14, 2019
Hello everyone is my 1st self reflection article or post here writing about myself. How do your know yourself and how good your take care of your self. Do you love yourself. All this year i have ignore myself by neglecting myself. I don't know how to enjoy life.I have no idea that to love or take care of anybody you 1st need to love and care yourself.Be good to take care of yourself especially -your health and well beingbe good to spend quality time alonedoing something your love gratefu
November 08, 2019
HOOOO I am top under 300 now from last month Top 400Like always is not about the rank but the truth about motivating people give them the boost and add in happiness in this journey here to become successful Affiliate Marketer in online business. Self review on yourself that you are focusing on what most. What that you are more obsess with. We can't focus on everything but one at a time.Well everyone has their skill and crafts .Technical expert-wordpress,seoEngaging and communication skillsBlog
Yes everyone want a better life. Everyone wants everything to come to them instantly.People just want a shortcut without any level of efforts or work. The game of waiting. Waiting to be spoon-feeding. Waiting think to fallen from the sky. Is a magic pill. You want everything easy and not stretching from your comfort zone. Shinning object attraction being materialistic than working hard on it. You never want to do think in difficult ways. Just want a sample and no effort energy just as quick ri
October 19, 2019
Have you ever write a do list in your journal when you plan ahead. All the top 10 list the do but what about Top not to do list.Here are what I have in mind. #1 play not the lose. Is mindset. Play the defend on football match an example. #2 drain up your frustration and stress on your motivation#3Multitasking. When you do of think you are multitasking lead the drain out of energy and your mind scattering. #4 Overwhelming and overworked #5sleep late and wake up late in the morning#6 non-stop hus
So what have you done so far. Are you working on your pace to heading towards your goal.Are you the slow, the average, and the speedy. So what stopping you to your progress. You have make a Commitment. So is all about your plan to get there your ultimate goal. What stopping you as you have joined and what makes you made your mind to join premium or to remain as a starter in Wealthy Affiliate. And of course if you have pay the monthly what slowing you down to get your website go on line and gett