Goal in 2020-Is not just a goal is your clarity

Last Update: December 23, 2019

2020 is coming soon in just 8 days to go. So are your guys ready to set your resolution.?If you do,then here are some tips on what kind of goals your want to go for it.

What your Love-your passion

is indeed is your niche,interest,what your talk about to people you surrounding with, what you do during your free time.

The more your have an understanding in what your are doing or your are expert into it or your have curiosity even though your have or no experience your can research for it and become expert on it. Is about hunger on something your are so much obsess with it.

IDENTIFIER-your dreams your goal

Once your know what your like most then your want to set it as your direction or your purpose to get into it. But Just before your want to do the planning your need to asking questions?Question yourself ,your why ????.

  • What your want in life?
  • Why your want it so badly?
  • Why it is so important to your?
  • What is your ideal Life?

What exactly we want in our life.

  • we want money
  • we want a mansion
  • we want a ferrari
  • no need to work
  • sit in the beach doing nothing
  • be rich
  • travelling around the world
  • be a millionaire
  • be in power
  • fullfillness

When your ask this question give yourself some time to think about it before your give the answer. To Why your want it so badly?

  • Seattle my debts
  • provide with myself
  • provide with my family
  • finical freedom
  • sosial freedom
  • security
  • basic needs

Here is some answered to your Why it is so important to your?

  • To have shiny objects
  • materialistc
  • Live the ideal life
  • Money is power
  • money can bring hapiness

Futher question to ask is beside with your clarity on your why. The answer your give is kind of

more about your own self goal more on your egocentric goal.

You need to have your projection in the future by asking what can I do to my goals.

What my vision is all about.?

My Vision

  • I wan to be a successful person
  • Is about the people to achieve their dreams
  • helping people to get to their goals
  • impacting people into believing they can do it.
  • reaching your message knowledge to people about anything is possible
  • contribute to sosiety among community
  • contribute to envoritment
  • helping preserve climent

My Mission


  • spreading awareness among community
  • sharing knowledge among the community
  • carried the legacy about doing your passion
  • driving the world to success by sharing your story and experience
  • belief in yourself anything is possible

After your have all the question and your have answered to it. Then here your are your are going to set your goal to success in 2020.Have your set your goal yet go for it.

  • So after your identifier your goal, by understanding it and be clarity on what your want your why,your vision and mission then your get to the brain storming session with idea,creativity and direction. You get prepare for your goals by setting up your goal plan.

SMART coming in to your clarity

Crystal clear with SMART

1.) GOAL SETTING-GET SPECIFIED get more detail the more the better:1 MILLION DOLLAR saving in your bank account

2.) IS the GOAL Measureable -YES

3.) IS the Goal Achievable or Attainable YES

4.)Is the goal Realistic YES

5.)Is the goal Time bond YES


MEASURABLE: USD1,000,000 : 1 Year:USD20,000.00


REALISTIC: YES 1 day USD 55.555

1 hour USD 6.94

TIME BOND : 50 YEARS retired age 71

WHat do you think of your goal is it met with the terms???




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ExpatMark Premium
Interesting. Thanks for sharing Henry.
Ahimbe Premium
I like your mission and vision.
They are very precise and make goal setting easy.
Best of wishes in 2020.
HenryPing Premium
yes indeed we got to have a big picture of the goal like our mission and vision.👏✌😊👍👌😁
Stanleycmng Premium
Thanks for sharing, Henry. Awesome goals.

To a successful 2020!
timstime20 Premium
Thanks for sharing
Live the goals
JeffreyBrown Premium
Great post and goals for the new year, Henry!