I have no Internet

Last Update: July 06, 2021

My goodness,

What do you do when you can't work online for almost a day?

I felt guilty and lost, especially since I chose to have an "easy day at the office" yesterday. I felt that my hands were tied (crossed) like the above picture of a man.

Isn't it amazing how we tend to totally rely on technology, the speed of communication today and when suddenly we don't have it - we feel totally lost and panic can set in.

Well, I achieved a lot doing chores around the house that needed doing and the guilt and the feeling of being lost soon dissipated.

Finally I am back online tonight and writing this short post. Back on track and there's work to do.

Who else has had a similar experience?

Thank you for dropping by. Best wishes to you all.

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Helen , how you doing , glad you back online , the internet now is like coal in the winter
Back in the 70s
The world has changed , in country like Japan if the internet down for a hour , they suicidal rate spike isn't that sad
That's the world we living in
Nice one Helen
Happy that you are back on the grid
richardgb Premium
Hi Helen

Very frustrating ... As a volunteer for my wife’s care business I often find myself without internet, and often iPhone only.

So I found software solutions to be able to write offline, on phone or pc, that automatically syncs with a web solution when I go online.

So when online I focus on research for ideas, posting, refining SEO and handling emails.

I’ve been practising offline writing habits for a while now and find the internet something of a distraction at times when I am trying to focus on writing!
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Dropping that connection can be a Chance to push pause and reset. Always good to get back online. A go to can be using your phone and creating a hot spot with it. You will be pleased to get back online Helen.
Zoopie Premium
And we wonder why our kids spend so much. Time online. Climb a tree, go fishing, stay in bed peace out for a day. Only one life.
helenwentri2 Premium
Totally agree.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I'm glad you are back, Helen!