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December 08, 2021
Hello fellow affiliates and all in the community.Today I worked out how to place widgets in the side bar of my website and am very happy about that. Some things take a little longer to do, at least for me they do, so I guess it is better late than never.The one thing i would like to check with the community is, when placing a wealthy affiliate banner on a sidebar, is it necessary to also insert my affiliate link with the banner?I appreciate any help given. Many thanks.
Hello Wealthy Affiliates,I came across some wise motivational sayings and I want to share them with you as they not only relate to our business, our success, but also they relate to life in general. As I interpret this one, it is saying to move forward WE are the ones that need to take action because no one else will do for us. Nothing will happen by sitting still. Take action if you want to change your life. This one is more self explanatory. To think, feel and live in a positive w
November 25, 2021
So the time has come and the Big Black Friday discount day is just around the corner.Today I went out to start my Christmas shopping and try and get some inspiration what to get the grandies and close family members.Tha Black Friday sales have already begun well before friday and it certainly feels like Christmas is nearing, which of course it is - 4 weeks to go. There is a great buzz about, I love the feeling at this time of year.Now, what about our own Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday? Yes that
October 29, 2021
I haven't post in a while, but today I am feeling happy, excited and very hopeful and want to share my feelings with you.Today I received notification from Kyle that I have a new "trial" member to Jaaxy and an accepted invitation for Wealthy Affiliate, the second one in two weeks. My MMO site is created but I haven't progressed much with it yet (still have much work to do with Bootcamp training). What I have been doing though is promoting WA on social media, like LinkdIn, and mainly facebook.
August 17, 2021
Hello to you all in the community.I do not fully understand the Affiliate Revenue Graph on our home page. I understand the "clicks" on the graph which shows how many clicks per day - I don't understand where these clicks come from. Can anyone enlighten me please. Does the graph have anything to do with a MMO niche? I am doing bootcamp at the moment, but have not created a website yet, and have been promoting WA through social media etc.Thank you kindly in advance.
July 06, 2021
My goodness,What do you do when you can't work online for almost a day?I felt guilty and lost, especially since I chose to have an "easy day at the office" yesterday. I felt that my hands were tied (crossed) like the above picture of a man. Isn't it amazing how we tend to totally rely on technology, the speed of communication today and when suddenly we don't have it - we feel totally lost and panic can set in.Well, I achieved a lot doing chores around the house that needed doing and the guilt a
May 26, 2021
When we mention STRESS. we generally think of stress in a negative way. We live in a fast pace society today where we are rushing to get somewhere and time is of the essence.Stress can be good and bad.Good stress experiences come on quickly and fade away quickly. A burst of good stress can help in achieving daily tasks and helps to motivate people in reaching their goals. It is an excitement of achievement and a relief in overcoming obstacles It comes with a sigh of relief at the end of a task
May 19, 2021
It is not a monetary achievement, but an achievement never the less. I have been bopping up and down around the 200 mark and now it is official. I am delighted and this gives me more energy to drive further on posting more content on my website as well.I have been here for 12 months and I am still very keen to push on as I have learned a lot through the training and have a lot more to learn.To anyone that's new to the program, persevere and learn in your own time. Enjoy the journey on this amaz
Has anyone set up a stream in Google Analytics? When I go to the site, it tells me to set up a stream. I go do so and where it asks for a URL I enter my website and I cannot proceed because it tells me that my site is not a valid site.Anyone come across the same? I don't know what to do.Thank you for reading.
May 08, 2021
To All the Mother's in the World that are here with us, near and far and to the ones that have left us, we especially remember today and always in our hearts.