Recycling.Is It Worth It?

Last Update: June 09, 2020

No, I'm not talking about the 'save the planet' type of recycling.. that's got to be a good thing..

I'm talking about repurposing / rehashing/ recycling blogs and posts..

Do you go back and repurpose your posts? Maybe you update some information - like we have all done recently with our WA blogs.. Have you turned a blog into an info graphic to recycle and repost?

What got me thinking was one of these video ads on Facebook( sorry.. a bit of time I'll not get back!) offering a 'brilliant package on how to recycle and repurpose blogs to make your social media strategy easier than writing fresh content.. reduced from $99 to $9'

I'm in two minds about it.. Yes I can see revisiting posts to freshen up the information makes sense but to fundamentally change the content I can't see is any better than just writing a new post on the same topic and you're targeting the same keywords and in competition for those keywords with yourself! But only changing the structure of the post to say info graphic- rehashing in my book, can take time, and not really get you much further with those keywords than you were before..

Maybe I'm not seeing the point here.. The focus of the ad was to save you time with content posting on social media and in the ad( I was definitely not paying just to see what they did, so I'm assuming certain things here) it talked about making the content posting to social media so much quicker by recycling/repurposing your content. But one thing ... search engines don't reward duplication of content.

I have to be honest, it's not something that would really fill me with enthusiasm.. When I've written a post, I've more or less exhausted that particular topic from the angle of the keywords I've used, I'm not really interested in rehashing it again.

Maybe I'm missing a trick here?

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JulietAA Premium
Thanks for this Helen.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Interesting, Helen!

JKhlem Premium
Great information, thank you
Joes946 Premium
Helen, you have the picture!
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Helen, good to see you,

I think from what you said it is about sharing posts to social media, the difference here is share as opposed to publishing.

There is a difference between the two in Google's eyes, and they don't look at it a douche duplicate content in the same light as publishing on multiple websites.

If it is a program/software that enables you to share, bargin.

Especially if it speeds up the process.

I guess it comes down to where you are sharing, your own web social account it a group situation and the outcomes you are seeking.
Helen123 Premium
That makes sense. I use Tailwind for all my social media and send it to Facebook and Pinterest from there but I couldn't see the point in rehashing posts etc