Will You Share Your Goals, Fears & Obstacles To Success?

Last Update: June 04, 2019

Guys I am on a fact finding mission today and would ask for your help if you have a few minutes. I am feeling the need to rework my niche and clarify exactly who and what my target audience actually want.

I think I have become too caught up in what I think people want rather than trying to address real problems that other affiliate marketers have, particularly those new to the business.

If you are happy to share could you answer the following questions - all, or one, or some ... what ever takes your fancy:

1) What Is Your #1 Goal?

2) What Is Your #1 Obstacle To Reaching That Goal?

3) What Do You Want To Learn Most?

4) What Is Your #1 Fear?

My idea is to eventually build out the most thorough training and products to specifically address the problems and fears that we face as affiliate marketers, to move us towards our goals, and so I can provide massive value to my tribe.

Of course if you'd like to PM me that'd be fine too, I know not everyone wants to share their vulnerabilities in the group.

Thank you in advance and as always ...

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Talk2Ray Premium
Hi Heidi.
My #1 Goal at the moment is to make enough from my website to quit my part time job..
My biggest obstacle to reaching that goal is "me", it is too easy to get comfortable and kick back and relax.
What I want to learn most is how to create posts that reach out and answer peoples real needs.
My #1 fear is getting out there letting people know me better. I like people but I tend to be more reserved. Guess I fear that they will not accept me for who I am.
HeidiY Premium
Agreed Ray, I get the same way. I think "well I could do that now .. but it's not going to matter if I put it off for one day, I'll do it tomorrow" and before you know it a week has passed and my business has stagnated.

It's so much harder to get the motivation back after 7 days, than if it was just one!

We are so alike Ray, it's uncanny. Trying to answer people's real needs is the main reason I wanted to get some direction from you guys, so I can build a solid curriculum of topics and know it will actually be information people want to read and that will help them.

I have grown more introverted as I get older. Not sure when it started but it's only getting stronger. I thought internet marketing would be great for me, I could toil away in the background but NO everyone's doing podcasts, Facebook Lives, Youtube etc...

I have done a few screencast tutorials but that's as game as I've got so far in exposing myself to the wide world. Something for us to work on :)

Thanks heaps for sharing your thoughts it is most appreciated.
BrendaMZ Premium
Hi Heidi,

I am going keep my narrative short and simple. See below:

1. Goals: To learn how to build websites through themes in WP. Gain knowledge in keywords. Learn how to understand and utilize SEO. How to market my business in Social Media.
2. Obstacles: Suffer from Chronic Health Issues (MS, Health ailments, fatigue, vertigo, and muscle spasms). Procrastinating learning the lessons (due to fatigue). Time constraints. Constant interruptions throughout the day.
3. Learn the Most: SEO, Content Writing, and Video Marketing.
4. Number One Fear: Videos Marketing. The not know how.

Thanks for asking us. Hope our answers provide you the necessities to provide a training blog for us.
HeidiY Premium
Brilliant thanks heaps Brenda these are all great topics. You guys have been so helpful.
Swangirl Premium
Hi Heidi,
#1. My goal is to make enough money online that I can quit my job and have more freedom. I don't need my websites to provide a total replacement income but between them and rental property I think it is very realistic that I can do this.

#2. My biggest obstacle is consistency. If I blogged more frequently I would have higher traffic and search engine rankings (consistently vs. sporadically). It is hard to find the time since I have two other jobs however. I know I am not using my time as efficiently as I could however. Many of my products are low priced and have very low commissions. If I had higher priced products and higher commissions I could do better.

3#. I want to learn to use videos since they are the way to go now.

4#. My biggest fear is that I will never have the time for this to really be successful and therefore it will have been somewhat of a waste of time monetarily. It is not a waste of time in terms of education however and for the friends I have met. I will always be glad I found WA and would not change a thing but I know you have to put in the work to be really successful and if you simply don't dedicate enough time to it, you will only get mediocre results.
HeidiY Premium
I'm in the same boat with the time constraints Jessica, some days it is infuriating. I sit at work and just think about how I could be building my empire, but we do what we have to do until we can do what we want to do.

I shared some of the time management things I have been using in a comment above to T, maybe they can help you too.

Your fear is the same as mine. What if I have spent all this time and money for nothing! What if it actually never comes to fruition simply because I haven't given it the time it requires?

They are stark thoughts! I just keep thinking it might take extra time and therefore we need to be a little more gentle on ourselves and accept our current limitations. It doesn't mean it won't happen, it simply means we have to have more stamina than others.

We got this, one baby step in front of the other :)
Swangirl Premium
Thanks for that great commiseration and encouragement Heidi. I agree. It will just take us longer but we will get there! Thanks!

APachowko1 Premium

Your strengths are your weakness, your weakness are your strengths.

1. My goal is to make a living as an affiliate marketer so that I can give up my job.
2. Myself. I am not getting younger and the need to learn becomes harder. But I am stubborn and will not give up.
3. How to become a good email marketer.
4.That I am doing all the spade work for nothing.

Hope that helps
MikeAdkins Premium
Hi Heidi

1) What Is Your #1 Goal?
To make an income that fills the gap between being comfortable and having the chance to travel easily and without worrying about what's around the corner.

2) What Is Your #1 Obstacle To Reaching That Goal?
Use of my time. I am confident in WA but feel like I am letting the "everyday crap" getting the way of my learning and building of my on line presence.

3) What Do You Want To Learn Most?
How to Build an on line brand based on what I already do and know,

4) What Is Your #1 Fear?
That I listen to the old farts who are sceptical and raise their big bushy eyebrows when I speak of my plans and my future WA journey.

I hope this makes a little bit of sense,

Warm Regards