Disaster! It's All Kyle & Jay's Fault . Well Mostly Jay

Last Update: June 26, 2019

My mind has been in quite a spin lately as I consider taking my business in a whole new direction. So why is this a disaster and why is it Kyle and Jay's fault?

I have been mulling over and then setting aside this major decision for quite some months now. Wondering if I truly have what it takes. I've tried to push down the thoughts. To quell the rising excitement mixed with a good dose of anxiety as I sway between action and indecision.

Why A Disaster?

If I jump and go with my new vision it will probably sound the death nell for my two existing sites.

They will probably sit there unloved and stagnating with no new content until they fade into oblivion ... which is kind of sad to me considering the amount of work I have put into them over the past 15 months.

Plus I will basically be starting again from scratch. Building a whole new site, all new content and trying to get established again with Google and on social media.

BUT as people do, I feel I have grown and changed since I first joined WA back in Feb 2018.

And That's Why It's Kyle & Jay's Fault!

The wonderful training which is provided here, through the Certification Training & Bootcamp coupled with Jay's weekly live webinars has caused me to grow and re-evaluate what I have to offer the world.

The one on one mentoring I have received from Jay has not only been immensely helpful in my journey but it has inspired me to try to offer more value also.

You see I've decided when I grow up I want to be just like Jay.

Coaching - A New Direction

My vision is to create training and a simplified path to online success specifically for working women. Using task based training like we receive here at WA so busy women can cut to the chase and be guided step by step to build a successful online marketing business.

I want to provide so much value that my tribe consider me their mentor not just their coach. I want to offer my skills, knowledge and experiences freely and fully as Kyle and Jay have done for me and continue to do for all of us here in the WA community.

So there you have it, the decision has been made.

I don't feel like my hard work over the past 15 months has been wasted, it has been a learning curve to set me on the current path.

I look forward to providing immense value here within the WA community and outside as I build my new coaching business and if I grow to be half the coach and mentor Jay is I will have fulfilled my mission.

What traits and skills do you think make for a great coach? Do you have a mentor? Who has been the greatest influence on your business growth so far?

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Wdcope Premium
Heidi,I commend you making changes like this. As I have gone through life, "many, many years", I have changed direction and it proved to be rewarding in many different ways.
Having a renewed purpose is fantastic, and surely with your ambition, drive and now online knowledge, will do very well!
Stop in and say hi. We would love to know how you are doing.
Take care,
HeidiY Premium
You are so right Bill this feeling of having a renewed purpose is simply wonderful. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's my life's mission just yet but I sure am happy about the direction it's taking.

Thank you for your lovely comments, most appreciated.
AffMktgRt Premium

I do applaud you and I fully encourage and support your decision.

In varying degrees, when one such as you having benefited from all of the training WA has to offer here, there comes a time when, at least this is how I feel personally, it is almost a mission to bring that same knowledge base to others by creating training or coaching.

Most often, people are excited to start a new program (remember the countless New Year's resolutions?0 and then get the products or digital products and just keep them unopened neatly near their desk?

That is why the failure rate is so high because that drill sergeant like coach or trainer is not in the picture and there is no self motivation in sight, nor there will ever be, as that well intended project fades into obscurity unachieved.

So I am truly seeing you in that role and in the massive reach and good you can bring to countless people.

Some may say that such a role is a crowded market but I disagree. With millions slowly awakening to affiliate marketing who can ever train and coach them all effectively and ethically?

Wish you great success in that endeavor and I too, although not at your skill level or rate of success, will consider that path as well. Soon.

HeidiY Premium
Thank you Gabriel your words inspire me to be the very best I can be and I truly believe we can all help to produce ethical affiliate marketers, who not only improve the world, but crush it financially as well.

Looking forward to having you on board when the time comes and you feel coaching is right for you also.
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Heidi
What a great mission to begin and I love coaching and have been doing this for a long time now and it never gets stale.
I wish you an awesome new journey and you will be amazing, I just know this
Work well my friend
HeidiY Premium
Thanks Vicki, I am building a clearer idea of how I want to approach this as the days go by.

It's brillaint to hear you say it never gets stale. I am so excited to be able to help people in a meaningful way, maybe even change a few lives - how wonderful would that be :)
PaulWatson Premium
That is so good Heidi.. I made the same decisison when the S.A.C. stsrted. My old website is not dead by is definitely not getting a lot of love at the moment.

Wishing you luck but with a clear focus and resolve like that you will smash it!

HeidiY Premium
Thanks Paul, I am starting to consider the existing two sites as a training ground and if they do fall into obscurity then that's simply the price of progress :)

Who knows maybe these new sites are that something better and will eclipse what went before them.
akolipenouko Premium
I love the clever title of your post. This is what brought me here to see what the hell is Kyle's and Jay's and Carson's fault. And you handled it clverly.

Thanks for the great post. I learnt a thing or two from it.
HeidiY Premium
Thank you Akoli glad you took the time to have a read and that you enjoyed it. My best wishes to you on your business.