Disaster! It's All Kyle & Jay's Fault . Well Mostly Jay

Last Update: June 26, 2019

My mind has been in quite a spin lately as I consider taking my business in a whole new direction. So why is this a disaster and why is it Kyle and Jay's fault?

I have been mulling over and then setting aside this major decision for quite some months now. Wondering if I truly have what it takes. I've tried to push down the thoughts. To quell the rising excitement mixed with a good dose of anxiety as I sway between action and indecision.

Why A Disaster?

If I jump and go with my new vision it will probably sound the death nell for my two existing sites.

They will probably sit there unloved and stagnating with no new content until they fade into oblivion ... which is kind of sad to me considering the amount of work I have put into them over the past 15 months.

Plus I will basically be starting again from scratch. Building a whole new site, all new content and trying to get established again with Google and on social media.

BUT as people do, I feel I have grown and changed since I first joined WA back in Feb 2018.

And That's Why It's Kyle & Jay's Fault!

The wonderful training which is provided here, through the Certification Training & Bootcamp coupled with Jay's weekly live webinars has caused me to grow and re-evaluate what I have to offer the world.

The one on one mentoring I have received from Jay has not only been immensely helpful in my journey but it has inspired me to try to offer more value also.

You see I've decided when I grow up I want to be just like Jay.

Coaching - A New Direction

My vision is to create training and a simplified path to online success specifically for working women. Using task based training like we receive here at WA so busy women can cut to the chase and be guided step by step to build a successful online marketing business.

I want to provide so much value that my tribe consider me their mentor not just their coach. I want to offer my skills, knowledge and experiences freely and fully as Kyle and Jay have done for me and continue to do for all of us here in the WA community.

So there you have it, the decision has been made.

I don't feel like my hard work over the past 15 months has been wasted, it has been a learning curve to set me on the current path.

I look forward to providing immense value here within the WA community and outside as I build my new coaching business and if I grow to be half the coach and mentor Jay is I will have fulfilled my mission.

What traits and skills do you think make for a great coach? Do you have a mentor? Who has been the greatest influence on your business growth so far?

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Fmutua Premium
Hi Heidy
Thank you so much for this post.I almost fainted wen i saw "Disaster!" and then mentioning Kyle! But am so glad to see how happy you are for mentor ship and now I make a decision to get a mentor i pray god to give me a Great mentor
Fmutua Premium
Correction 'GOD'
Trodvies Premium
I love the simple saying "Follow your heart!"

Life is full of times when we are caught between hesitation and taking a hard decision. But usually, after pondering seemingly endlessly, where your heart ultimately lands you is just where you ought to be.

As you've finally made the decision, Heidi, commit yourself to it. I believe some day you'll look back with a smile; for the heart usually sees further than the eyes.
NWTDennis Premium
A tough decision I'm sure. The basic thing we learn here is to follow our passion, and that is what you are doing. While this may take away time you have had to develop your current sites I sure hope you will not throw them out with the bath water.

There are many stories here in the community about sites left sitting idle that in fact did not fade into oblivion. And there's always the option of exploring their sales value.
HelenpDoyle Premium
I don't do a lot of training here but have in my past workings. I love the fact you want to do it in a simplified, step by step way.

I find too often trainers assume the required pre-knowledge for any training is already know. And most often it isn't.

I always assume I am the 'dummy' I am training (so often the case!). And then start at the very beginning, known as first principles.

I wish you well along this path.

ps can you sell your existing sites (or don't you want to)/
BecomingDesa Premium
This makes perfect sense, Heidi! They even mention how you may not stick with your original idea as the more comfortable you become with this work, the more you understand the possibilities and what your own gifts truly are. Congrats! Thanks for adding a little more light to this world and leading more people to the path of prospering by helping others do what they love.
SondraM Premium

It sounds like you have yourself a beautiful mess. It is very interesting how our ideas and motivation for a business evolves as we learn and grow.

It is as if we go from concept, to a caterpillar to a butterfly. I am glad that Jay has been able to help you find your purpose.
HeidiY Premium
That is the perfect phrase Sondra, it feels exactly like a beautiful mess at the moment. Many ideas, many decisions to be made and much work to do but surprisingly I am not stressed by the immediate turmoil.

I am reveling in the opportunities that present themselves and feel remarkably calm about the sheer volume of work that needs to be completed.

Planning is well underway and a clear direction is starting to form.
SondraM Premium
It will be exciting to hear your updates. Best wishes.
skmorrow Premium
Your time is certainly not wasted. I know exactly how you feel. I spent my first year here thinking BUILD WEBSITE MAKE MONEY.

Well, it doesn't just happen to work like that. Finally, after about 15 months of not really putting in enough effort, I started my current website. Now my site is 18 months old, in a super tough niche and I am gaining traction each month.

I have learned so much about writing and that is not wasted time at all. I don't know if you have seen this post or not, but it is a great read. Hang in there, now you have more tools in your toolbelt and that will only help you in the long run.
HeidiY Premium
I've been considering it as a fairly natural progression and I certainly wouldn't even be considering it if it wasn't for the experience and training I have had over the past 15 months.

All those mistakes might just come in handy right about now so I can teach others what to avoid :)

Brilliant post as always by Nathaniel, we never fail until we quit and I have enjoyed every moment of the journey so far.

Congrats on your current site, each one does get that little bit easier or perhaps we just grow in confidence.
SaraPoyner Premium
The true Master knows when to learn and when to teach : ) You have done your learning, now it is time to coach others! I would be very interested in your new venture. I am a working Mum and at the very early stages of my journey. I am following you, so that I can know when it is all up and running : )
HeidiY Premium
Hey Sara thank you for the kind words and of course feel free to message me if you have any questions before the training goes live. If I can help you now I certainly will.

Time is always a factor, I'm a 9-5 worker and still struggle with only having 24 hours in the day I can't imagine being a Mum as well.

Good on you for wanting something better for yourself and your brood.
Robwarneck Premium
What an amazing epiphany you have had and from the sound of it, I feel you will be a great success at it! You are right the training we receive here at WA is incredible! All the best in your new venture and as I said I'm sure will be a success!
HeidiY Premium
Definitely Rob the training here is without a doubt world class and I don't intend to reinvent that wheel. I'll be bringing as many people here for the blogging component of my training as possible.

Thank you for the well wishes.
Debs66 Premium
That is one of the best steps up from where you have been and what you have done.

That is awesome Heidi. I wished I could do the steps you are doing.

That is the best most empowering thing ever. You are going to be amazing.

I know you will be brilliant at this.
Get going do not look back and keep going. That is such an awesome thing to do.

You are real and transparent and the women are going to love you for this.

Way to go Heidi and keep us in the loop how you go.

Debs :)
HeidiY Premium
Awww Debs you are an absolute gem and to read this from someone who has been as successful as you just makes my day.

You would be an awesome coach too, I've seen you helping people in live chat and through posts here. I'd back you any day my friend.
BusinessMomm Premium
I wish you the best. If you fee yourself growing or being pulled in a different direction then why not.

Also something to consider you can also try to manage your time to continue to build off your two sites and do your new branch off that you are wanting as well.
HeidiY Premium
Sophia it's taken quite a bit of soul searching to finally come to this decision but it feels so right so as you say why not go with the flow. No point trying to swim against the tide only to find in another 6 - 12 months I decide to do it anyway.

I'm still working a 9 - 5 job and I feel like this new business will need all my time and energy but you just never know with the other two sites maybe they still have a role to play.
shadonna Premium
Hi Heidi, your choice of direction sounds one that will fit you well you have been a great help to me, and with your knowledge now of the online world that continues to grow you will become an inspiration to many people.
All the best with your decision, you will be a terrific coach and mentor, You can do it!
HeidiY Premium
Thanks Shane, actually chatting to you the other day cause another aha moment.

I just thought geez I'd love to be doing this all day and really helping people achieve what they want.

It felt really great so thank you.
cld111 Premium
That sounds exciting! And of course your work over the past 15 months hasn't been wasted. If not for that, you wouldn't know where you want to be next.

Plus, I've seen a few posts of members who've left their sites sit, and they just got better and better and made them money without them even knowing. Maybe that will be the case for yours too!

I can't wait to hear all about the new project as you build it out!

- Christina
HeidiY Premium
Most definitely Christina, I enjoy learning and life just wouldn't be anywhere near as enjoyable if I wasn't growing and experiencing as much as possible.

You need to experience the lows to really appreciate the highs.

I hope your right about the two existing sites, but what will be will be.
DonnieNorton Premium
Hi Heidi, I have known you for quite a while now and I am convinced that you have what it takes to create wonderful training and be a superb mentor. Look at what Jerry has done with his training courses, I believe he is now making over $100,000 per month. Go for it girl
HeidiY Premium
Thank you Donnie that means the world to me. I have made such wonderful friends here at WA and your support helps keep me moving in the right direction.

I was telling my boss about you lot today and he couldn't quite understand how we feel so close to each other, it was hard to explain just how much sharing the highs and the lows makes us all so much stronger.
DonnieNorton Premium
You know Heidi, it's by having friends like you that make me feel proud to be a part of this community.
mbouteiller Premium
Hey Heidi,

Yeehaaa... I'm absolutely excited for you. I know you will be a great coach and mentor!!

The traits and skills to make a great coach:

- understanding that people learn in different ways
- ability to get people in a positive way of thinking and believing they can do what they want to do
- ability to praise people to get them to take small steps
- knowing more than the other person (i.e. being an authority) which builds trust
- ability to be in control
- be organized and focused
- be prepared to answer questions on a related topic in discussion
- it's okay to make mistakes and learn from it
- just have fun, be yourself

My greatest mentor was my late husband and still is.

Greatest influence on my business so far? My trust in Jesus, Jay, Kyle and Carson, the entire community 😀😀

I know you will be an excellent coach and mentor and I can't wait to hear all your successes!!!!

I wish you the best on your new journey. I'd party with you but I'm a little far away...

HeidiY Premium
Fantastic tips thank you so much for taking the time to share them Monica. Yes, this distance thing is a real bummer, we all need to be going to Vegas sometime soon :)

You know me I'm a compulsive sharer so you'll be hearing all about it as time goes on I'm sure LOL.
I have been going solo and beating myself up trying to master building a website. I found out that there are many connected tools that must be invested in, in order to hopefully get the site running. I can already see that, just like you, I must start from ground zero. Wealthy Affiliate appears to have an "all inclusive" package and I'm gonna take the plunge. Hopefully this time I will do it right. Thanks for your insight.
HeidiY Premium
There is absolutely everything you need right here Ricky, without a doubt and the step by step training leads you to all the knowledge logically.

If you feel like you need any clarification at any time, or you need a gentle push in the right direction or just a chat and a second pair of eyes drop me a message I am happy to help.

Best wishes on your journey.
Tirolith Premium
I have two sites in the background now for two years and one here in WA that I working with.
HeidiY Premium
Hey Tom I was so certain when I started that my chosen niche would be what I started and finished on ... lol how wrong I was.

But it's all good, every site has something to teach us and hopefully each one gets just that little bit better (and more profitable) the more we learn.
BeccaAuthor Premium
I believe that no experience is ever wasted if we learn and grow from that experience. Good luck!!
HeidiY Premium
Yes indeed Rebecca, no time learning and growing is ever wasted and I do not regret one minute of my journey thus far.
JohnJStanley Premium
Hi Heidi, wow that's a big move. Can you repurpose your Rat Race Escape website? Or must you start a new website for your coaching?
HeidiY Premium
I don't think I can re-purpose the Rat Race site, I have a new vision for the coaching site and it just won't jell.

There are a few select blogs I would have liked to be able to put on the new site but I figure I'll just have to re-write them if I end up needing that content.
Calh60 Premium
Good luck Heidi, I'm sure you will do well!

HeidiY Premium
Thanks Cal
Wdcope Premium
Heidi,I commend you making changes like this. As I have gone through life, "many, many years", I have changed direction and it proved to be rewarding in many different ways.
Having a renewed purpose is fantastic, and surely with your ambition, drive and now online knowledge, will do very well!
Stop in and say hi. We would love to know how you are doing.
Take care,
HeidiY Premium
You are so right Bill this feeling of having a renewed purpose is simply wonderful. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's my life's mission just yet but I sure am happy about the direction it's taking.

Thank you for your lovely comments, most appreciated.
AffMktgRt Premium

I do applaud you and I fully encourage and support your decision.

In varying degrees, when one such as you having benefited from all of the training WA has to offer here, there comes a time when, at least this is how I feel personally, it is almost a mission to bring that same knowledge base to others by creating training or coaching.

Most often, people are excited to start a new program (remember the countless New Year's resolutions?0 and then get the products or digital products and just keep them unopened neatly near their desk?

That is why the failure rate is so high because that drill sergeant like coach or trainer is not in the picture and there is no self motivation in sight, nor there will ever be, as that well intended project fades into obscurity unachieved.

So I am truly seeing you in that role and in the massive reach and good you can bring to countless people.

Some may say that such a role is a crowded market but I disagree. With millions slowly awakening to affiliate marketing who can ever train and coach them all effectively and ethically?

Wish you great success in that endeavor and I too, although not at your skill level or rate of success, will consider that path as well. Soon.

HeidiY Premium
Thank you Gabriel your words inspire me to be the very best I can be and I truly believe we can all help to produce ethical affiliate marketers, who not only improve the world, but crush it financially as well.

Looking forward to having you on board when the time comes and you feel coaching is right for you also.
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Heidi
What a great mission to begin and I love coaching and have been doing this for a long time now and it never gets stale.
I wish you an awesome new journey and you will be amazing, I just know this
Work well my friend
HeidiY Premium
Thanks Vicki, I am building a clearer idea of how I want to approach this as the days go by.

It's brillaint to hear you say it never gets stale. I am so excited to be able to help people in a meaningful way, maybe even change a few lives - how wonderful would that be :)
PaulWatson Premium
That is so good Heidi.. I made the same decisison when the S.A.C. stsrted. My old website is not dead by is definitely not getting a lot of love at the moment.

Wishing you luck but with a clear focus and resolve like that you will smash it!

HeidiY Premium
Thanks Paul, I am starting to consider the existing two sites as a training ground and if they do fall into obscurity then that's simply the price of progress :)

Who knows maybe these new sites are that something better and will eclipse what went before them.
akolipenouko Premium
I love the clever title of your post. This is what brought me here to see what the hell is Kyle's and Jay's and Carson's fault. And you handled it clverly.

Thanks for the great post. I learnt a thing or two from it.
HeidiY Premium
Thank you Akoli glad you took the time to have a read and that you enjoyed it. My best wishes to you on your business.