10 Tips For Success Even If You Have No Talent!

Last Update: July 24, 2020

Yeah I know no-one is going to say they have no talent, and that's OK. 😂

But some days do you feel like those uber-successful online marketers/bloggers you see must have just been born with some sort of God-given talent❓

Some X Factor 🔥 that perhaps you just don’t have❗️

I am going to go out on a limb here and say they DON’T have anything you don’t have.

I collated this list from what I have experienced myself and seen in this industry over the past few years. And I can assure you that talent is NOT a big factor for those who see success.

  1. Consistency - show up daily and do the work
  2. Provide value - give more than you take
  3. Authenticity - be true to yourself always
  4. Be positively contagious - no-one likes a Negative Nigel
  5. Gratitude - be grateful for what you have while you work for what you want
  6. Seek out solutions - don’t rely on others to spoon-feed you
  7. Be passionate - if you aren’t find another direction
  8. Invest in yourself - be coachable and apply what you learn
  9. Do more than is required - go that extra mile for everyone you touch
  10. Be optimistic - I believe in you, even if you don’t at this time

None of these things require talent, they require discipline and motivation and we all have that.

🌟 You can reach those goals and live those dreams 🌟

🌟 You already have everything it takes 🌟

Do you have other tips on what it takes to see success (even if you have no talent)❓

Love to hear your thoughts.

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GazBower Premium
Wow Heidi, great list of the qualities required.
The only thing I can add is this and it touches on point 9...
"Leave everybody you come into contact with, in a better place than when you met them. Give them help, give them encouragement, give them an ear, but leave them with something more than they have right now".

Thank you for giving us something this morning.

Take care and stay safe.
HeidiY Premium
WONDERFUL!! Absolutely love this Gaz, thank you for sharing.
roysinOnline Premium Plus
Great Heidi! Your list is excellent and a perfect way to start your day, at least mine today 😉.

I agree with you. Standig tall in the storm and travel to success will get you there. I especially like the tip about being positive an optimistic. It will smitten to others, and help pave your road as you go.

HeidiY Premium
Everyone loves an optimist Roy, I believe it is true, we all want to be around people who lift us up and give us hope for the future.

Thaks for taking the time to comment, appreciate it.
roysinOnline Premium Plus
My pleasure Heidi :-)

EmakAmelia Premium

I wrote down these 10 tips for success and stick it on my wall in front of me so I can see them whenever I open up my laptop to work on my website. 🙂

Thank you so much for your powerful tips. I value your insights and support.

Ferra 🙂
HeidiY Premium
That's wonderful to hear Ferra, so glad it made an impact.
Babou3 Premium
Really great post!
Absolutely! Talent and success are worked on every day, it does not happen delivered in a package one morning. Nothing is taken for granted, we must be 100% in what we do to get there and not doubt ourselves by seeing the success of others. The train of success passes in front of everyone, we just have to climb into it without hesitation and not be afraid of failure because success is the result of several failures.

HeidiY Premium
Brilliant Ingrid, thank you so much for sharing your insights. Love how we can all support each other towards our common goals, thank you.
dkohsh88 Premium
Hi Heidi,

Very good sharing of success factors beyond talent. Well, it depend on what a person plan to do in life. Generally, having a talent is going to be a great for attaining success. Hence, it can be done for those without it too. What important is having the right mindset and beliefs. As well as the drive to succeed.

Not every people are pefect or born with talent, there are people who discover their talent over time through personal efforts.

To your success,

David Koh
HeidiY Premium
So very well said David, yes some people actually do have hidden talent and it can take some time to reveal itself. Working on our skills will often bring that talent to the forefront so ongoing education and working on ourselves is important.