Light Bulb Moment and Possible Lesson Learned

Last Update: July 11, 2018

I had just posted the other day about how I was indexing faster. Usually within twenty minutes of publishing. Then I published a new article two nights ago and it wasn't indexed by yesterday morning when I woke up. The day went on and still nothing. I knew something had to be wrong. I was going through my head all day trying to go over everything I should do when creating and posting an article. I couldn't think of anything I had missed.

Late last night I was going through the training and I heard Kyle mention that a page with too many affiliate links can appear like spam to Google and they'll just pass over it. Aha! I had three affilliate links in my article (two were for the same product) and then a third for a different one. When I finished my training, I went into wordpress and removed the link for the second product. Instead, I put an intermal link to my page where I had done a review about it, which contained the affiliate links. I published and went to bed.

When I woke up this morning, I had the email saying it had been indexed and when I looked at the time, it had happened within 15-20 minutes of me making the changes. So a lesson was learned here, unless it was a coincidence, that I should stick to only using affiliate links for one product per page.

Anyone else find this to be true? I'm guessing that is a good rule to stick with.

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WendaSue Premium
Getting indexed in 20 minutes is really good. Congratulations are in order.
All the best,
Wendi :)
Heidi9 Premium
Thanks Wendi!!
CandP Premium
That is very interesting to hear. We were indexed fairly quickly but have no affiliate links yet till we get some traffic with our posts which is what we keep reading..
So, looks like you were right about too many affiliate links. Google is a fickle beast!
Anyway you did a great job of regrouping and now you are indexed. Carry on!
Heidi9 Premium
Yes, Google is definitely finicky! Thanks!
tobocrs Premium
Great insight, Heidi, hope others have good information to add!
Heidi9 Premium
EandS2018 Premium
Neeed this piece of information!
Great education!
We thank you !

Elaine $ Scarlett
Heidi9 Premium
You’re welcome! It’s a lot of trial and error. More error on my part. Lol
dchapman3 Premium
You will learn in your training that Google loves:

- links to your other post (internal links)
- an embedded video relevant to your content
- link to an authority site such as Wikipedia for example
- affiliate links relevant to your post

You are right about the affiliate links, try to keep them to a minimum.
Heidi9 Premium
I was writing an article about homeschooling and mentioned two different sites where materials can be purchased. I assumed I could put my affiliate links in for both sites but obviously that’s not the case.