What happened in the 8 months I didn't show up in WA

Last Update: August 28, 2017

I joined WA more than a year ago and I am very grateful to have done this step which has opened many possibilities to me. Today I want to tell you a little about my journey here.

First I engaged fully in the community while learning to handle Wordpress websites. This actually was the primary reason to come here, because I had a disappointing experience with virtual assistants and so I had decided that I have to learn myself how to do these things.

I quickly climbed up the rank, around Christmas I was at 27 or so, and it was at that time that I decided to now, finally, go and get my work done with my websites. I have several of them, tight to different topics, and so I had the possibility to transfer what I was learning from one to the other. But I had to decide to free time for that and I knew that the 3-4 hours I spent in the WA community would need to be sacrificed to get my projects done.

So since January I hardly show up here anymore. I observed my rank fall with a smile, because I knew that nothing, really, depends on that. But I actually missed the close exchange with many people I felt friends with here in the platform.

If you are on of those I met, be sure that I haven't forgotten you and I hope that in the meantime, you have gone ahead well, too.

I have many major successes to tell you about, not so much in terms of earned money, but in earned competence.

  • My live broadcasting website (TheWisdomFactory) has expanded a lot and people can watch and comment live on the website while we are streaming.
  • My-cat website has become the place where I collect my memories of the animals I have lived with and also inspires me to write about the relationship and similarities of humans and animals, what we can learn from them, as well as documenting vet visits.
  • I have learned to edit videos, translate what is spoken in Italian into English and get some educational material out that way. The last post in the my-cat website has 2 short videos where the vet is examining the cat and explaining the x-rays. It might be interesting for someone, I am sure.
  • I am still reconstructing my very first website, which was rather complex and had crashed while transferring here - then I didn't know yet about making backups etc. yet and it was the price I payed . I lost a lot of content and I am slowly recreating it - or transferring people to my other websites

  • I have 90% finished my ParadisoIntegrale website, which refers to my Non-Profit, for which I have asked free advertising from Google. I hope I will get it, pray with me! In the image above you can see our Paradise (which is still an olive farm) in the middle of the Umbrian hills in Italy!
  • I have begun to learn coding and so I don't feel completely helpless anymore, when I meet these strange hieroglyphs which sort of frightened me before. Now I recognise already what they are about and I can make minor changes, but I am not yet able to write code myself and insert it - for fear to mess up everything.
  • I have conversed a lot with the support team of WA - a big shout out for them - and also of my themes, and, again, I have learned a lot and am able to do many things myself now which, before, seemed impossible to me.
  • I have learned quite well to handle my major theme, which I have on 4 websites and which is rather complex but gives a lot of possibilities, and I feel ready to help people with creating a website with this theme.
  • BIGGEST SUCCESS: I have my first client for which I build a website with that theme.

Let's open a bottle of Champaign together and drink on the time here in WA!

And, friends, as you can imagine, you won't see me a lot, again, here on the platform. But if you have questions where I can help, please contact me!

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AppleofGold Premium
Wonderful news, wonderful progress! Congratulations!

Cynthiah1 Premium
Congratulations. You have done a lot!!
spurway Premium Plus
Sometimes we have to decide which one is Priority 1 2 3. Great to hear you achieved a lot and everything you learned is a great benefit for yourself and the future income.
Heidi56 Premium
Absolutely, I am very happy about that.
I also think that there are times in life when it is right to do one thing, and others when you do something else. I wish you to arrive where you are aiming at!
feigner Premium
Sounds like you have achieved a lot Heidi.
Nice to see you back, albeit briefly.
I'll raise a glass to you next time i open a bottle.
To your continued success.
Heidi56 Premium
Hi Phil,
so good to see you again. I remember so well your support when I was completely new here! Thank you a lot.
And Prost = Cin cin for the next time you open a bottle!

How are you doing? Great, I hope! And I would love to support you with whatever I can!
feigner Premium
Hey Heidi,
Thats no problem, that is what the community is for.
I'm glad i could be of some help.
I'm doing fine - slow progress, but progress. I'm starting to see increases in visitors for my 3d printing site at last.
Still learning and helping, improving my copywriting and more posting.
I'm so glad you are doing ok, after the hassle you went through with your site.
Ok that is still not completely fixed but it is getting there.
Thanks for the offer of support.
And Prost
Belden Premium
Congratulations on your success. Best wishes